Best ss phono with volume control


I'm looking for the phono pre with volume control or preamplifier with phono section.
The idea is not to have preamplifier separately.
Is any expirience with such configurations?
I know some good tube devices, but what about solid-state?
Thank you.
The Underwood modified or stock PS audio GCPH is one that comes to mind.
The EAR 324 is well reviewed.
second the GCPH - fantastic stage for the money in stock form.
price no object - Soundsmith strain gauge the absolute best
Ss pre-amp with phono or, rather, phono with line pre-amp since phono was the foremost consideration when it was designed: Tidal Preos. Not cheap, but you can confidently put the topic pre-amp at rest thereafter.
Hi all,
Tidal Preos Price: $24,712.50 ---- whow! Made in Germany - ah so.
-- Preos DC-coupled ***Symmetrical Class-A Preamplifier**: it says, but in the same breath they say it is a single-ended design, that's strange?

Reviewer's quote: ... TIDAL feels strongly about the topology of their designs. As such **the Preos does not operate in balanced mode**, they believe unbalanced operation provides the absolute best sound quality, but the Preos has a balanced set of output connectors in case you choose to use that type of cable... ---- Surely not by using OP-Amps, or?

It got a VERY good review, no doubt. More betta, for that sort of cash :-)

I myself am using a ML-326S with true differential (balanced) phono-modules and it is be a bit more affordable. I had a stock PS Audio GCPH, which was truly good for the money as mentioned, the 326S phono-modules better it though.

The rest of the 326S is pretty snazzy too, with input line level settings from 0dB, +6dB, +12dB, +18dB and a great help with the phono-side of things in terms of cart output matching to all the rest. Phono modules have 40dB and 60dB setting, plus apply the input level variations to that will give you 78dB max. if needed.

As for the rest, there is PLENTY of other very user friendly settings too, all activated from the remote. Price less then $15 000 incl. phono-modules.

PS Audio GCPH... very quiet, MC and MM capability, balanced and single-ended outputs. Units on Agon going for $650 or so. Very good value.
Murataltuev did not mention his budget, so I'm merely mentioning an amp I happen to know as one of the best examples of what he's looking for. THE best? You won't hear me claim that, I'm not on a missionary quest and I won't criticize anyone else's choice or advice. (... the Tidal Presencio is better for that matter).

Anyway, the first iteration of the Preos (which I own) did not have balanced outputs, altough it sports XLR connectors. The present Preos has balanced outputs, it appears a mite problematic that they didn't clarify that by naming it MkII or something alike.
Dear Murataltuev: Like Karelfd poin out it is very important to know which is your budget because units like Tidal, ML, Halcro, Dartzeel, etc, etc are totally in a different league that the EAR, PS Audio or Soundsmith: not only because are more expensive units but because its quality performance level is a lot better that the other units.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Tidal looks impressive!!!
Yes, I'm looking for the best cost no object.
After I bought latest EmmLabs digital source I found that my vinyl sounds less detailed and transparent.
I had all Gryphon system and just changed Prelude/Encore to Colosseum and need new preamp/phono.
Colosseum is incredible! I compared it with Dartzeel and Asr Emitter II.
It is another class!
There is only one preamplifier with phono that can be compared to the Tidal Preos both for the line and the phono stage. That is the Sovereign Director. I was lucky enough to compare the two and they are really close in performance, both far better than the Wavac Pr-T1 and the Wavac phono stage. Dartzeel is also inferior.
Klyne 7 Preamp with internal Phono Stage, pretty good unit.
Adjustable Phono Settings ....
I had a chance to audition Aesthetix IO Eclipse and Nagra PL-P in my system.
They are not ss, but the only ones I had a chance to get.
I was impressed with Nagra. The only problem was bass control.
Aesthetix's bass was perfect, but with the rest it was less natural.
I also hope to try MBL 6010 and Tidal Preos.
I'm very interested now in Sovereign and Klyne.
They are much cheaper, so do they really in the class cost no object?
Dear Syntax,

How is Klyne 7 in compare with your Lamm LP2?

I found the best!
Tidal Preos!
Thank you, Karel!
Entirely my pleasure Murat!

Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

Murataltuev, are you in Europe?
Yes, from Russia!
Murataltuev, I am just going to have to figure out how to afford the Tidal Precos.
Spectral preamp with phono are excellent too. Not just a volume, but the excellent balance control too.
Tbg, this is the only component in my system which will never be upgraded, I believe, so good it is. Only if I'll be able to afford Presencio:)