Best SS Phono Stage?

What's the best solid state phono stage out there?
In my opinion, the AHT Non-Signature ranks way up there. Currently, the rights to the AHT were sold to Walker Audio and Lloyd Walker makes a hardwired point to point version without circuit boards(unheard of for solid-state), using very costly premium-grade parts and an ultra-regulated heavy-duty dual mono power supply for $8000. It has to be considered one of the best, if not "the best" available. If you're searching for a no-holds-barred phono stage then you must audition this piece.
I have to agree on AHT, myself having the next down from the Nonsignature, called High Resolution, with the same external power supply. I have in effect built a high quality stepped attenuator into mine, and with its 66 db of gain--and it can be raised even higher than that, if necessary--no active preamp is needed, and the sound beats BY FAR the CAT SL-1 III that I had before. I can't recommend too highly that bypassing of an active preamp. It saves a cable and its associated connectors, among other things, and "simpler is better" if you can get away with it, as the AHT phono preamps definitely can. The Nonsignature described in the previous post sounds like a unit to die for, and to live with forever, with no thought of being less than satisfied.
Hi Tom,

I guess I have the same model AHT phono stage as you then (AHT/P DM), but without the built-in passive volume control -- which seems like a great way to go. I just wanted to clarify that the Walker version uses the same basic circuit topology as the AHT, but is now being sold under the Walker moniker.
Give the X-ONO a try. I am very satisfied with the predecessor with even the lowest output MC cartridges. MAybe not exclusive enough for some....
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