Best SS Amp - Pass Labs X350.8 vs. Luxman M900u vs. Ayre VX-R Twenty

I’m in the market for a used SS Stereo amplifier for about $8k-10k range, in the used market.

Source: Oppo BDP-105
Speakers: Tyler Acoustics Linbrook System II with 89db & 8 ohm.

The next step would be to add a Tube Preamp to connect my Nakamichi RX-505 tape deck.

Out of the following, which one do you recommend & why? I would prefer feedback from anyone who has compared any of these combination of Amps.
  • Pass Labs X350.8
  • Luxman M900u
  • Ayre VX-R Twenty
  • Jeff Rowland 625 s2
Later on the plan is to build a HT system & will add Amp for surround & center.


Once Charles Died people just shied away I imagine. Same thing would happen if Dagostino or some other well known designer of a particular brand departed us. Shindo is another brand that suffered sales/interest after Ken Shindo passed.

The pass X series amps are very neutral as others have mentioned.. For those with hard to drive speakers, electrostats, etc…. These are very good sounding amps with endless drive..  IME.