Best SS Amp Match for Soliloquy 5.3's?

So here's the question. What do you think is the best solid state amp match for the 5.3's? Maybe a good side question here also would be how many watt's per channel are a good match for them? I have heard in the past that tube amps match well with Sol's but I am not interested in going that route at this point. Your answers and insight are greatly appreciated!
I can't tell you exactly what you would like to hear since I have not tried every combination but you should try a pair of Rowland M201 before you make any decision. These are the best SS amps I have heard in this price range.
depends on your price range really...I have heard them and liked them with anything from vintage SS amps like Mcintosh to modern like Musical Design.
AS they are an easy load to drive;get the best you can afford--used.---Lots and lots of amps for sale. Get something that holds it's value and resell--McMormack??
Thanks all. I will see what I can find used. I may be able to find a good deal on something that way. I have been looking at some Marantz, Crown, Parasound and Thule amps which might be gotten at a decent price. amps!
One or two Monarchy SM70s do a great job with these speakers. Also Van Alstine's modified Dynaco ST-120 gave me some of best sounds I've heard out of my Soliloquys. These amplifiers are so pure and simple. They really allow you to hear the music and the rest of your gear.Van Alstine admits himself these are his most musical amplifiers. The Sols to my ears sound better with amplifiers under 100 wpc.
Not to take any thing from McIntosh. But both these amplifiers sounded better with the Sols than the 300 wpc SS Mac I used to own.

Good Luck!
I've gotten good results in the past driving Soliloquy 5.3s with a Belles 150A. These can be had used or new for a decent price.
I am driving my brand new (to me) Soliloquy 6.3's with a CODA Continuum Unison 3.1. I couldn't have asked for much more, considering the price of this gear! The CODA has the adjustable gain, so you can make the sound very analytical (I would say harsh) to much more tube-like, but with all of the detail of SS. Great control of low-end as well (I don't know why you don't hear more about the Unison, as it seems to have a stellar reputation). Mine is set for 35wpc into Class A, sliding to 125wpc A/B, which is tons for this speaker. Huge upgrade over my C-J SS amp/tube preamp. Supposedly the Ultra upgrade (I will do it in the future) makes this amp one of the best integrateds available. FWIW, I listen mostly to jazz (classic and fusion).

Somebody at Soliloquy also recommended the Jolida and Consonace Opera tube amps-he said they were a great value and a good match for the Soliloquy's if jazz was the primary music choice. But, he said that for varied types, one would probably want a SS amp/tube preamp, or tube-like SS preamp (the option I chose with the CODA). He personally liked the Marsh gear, he said they have had several show displays with Marsh and thinks their seperates are of great value and match well.