Best SS AMP for B&W nautilus 802

I was using a Mcintosh MC-352 to drive the 802's until I sold it some time ago. So I am out in the market looking for another AMP.

Which AMP is the BEST match for these speakers, kindly also describe the sound characterstic if possible.

BTW: I heard them with Classe CAM-350 and ML-335 and I prefered the CAM-350, very natural, life-like and open presentation.

If you don't mind me intuding, how do you feel the 352 stacked up to the Classe and ML335?
I used to have classe 350 mate with my 802 until I listened to Cary v12 mono. I end up selling my classe and bought the Cary. Big improvement! more highs, mids and base. well satisfied.
Mac was nice, but not the ultimate word in transparency, and dynamics, a bit laid back and somewhat dark.

Bass was best with ML followed by Mac and finally Classe.

I felt highs were tipped off with Mac.

Overall to my ears, Classe was a winner. Each of these AMP are great and have there own merits.
Has anyone A/B'ed Plinius 250IV and Classe CAM-350?
I heard the Plinius 102 on the B&W 802Ns and they sounded very good, with an ARC LS-25 MKII and ARC CD-3 player. I just bought a Pass X-250 to go with my B&W matirx 803 series II and they sound excellent. The Pass was very smooth and refinded sounding which I wanted more of from my system. I have heard the Classe and Krell amps with B&Ws and they both sound very good, typical sound from each if you read the reviews of each you will know what I am saying.

Happy Listening