Best SS 200 wpc amps

I need a high current power amp for my B&W speakers. My system is Sony SCD-777ES into BAT VK-30SE to B&W 803 Matrix Series II speakers. My current amp is a SS Kinergetics Class A 75 wpc (rated at 130 wpc Stereophile). I want to upgrade to something reasonable and probably look for something used. I want something that is fast, dymanic, handles macro/micro swings, sweet mids, airy hi's and controlled bass. The B&Ws seem to love high currrent amps with some watts.

My list so far looks like Krell FPB-200, Sim Audio W-5, Rowland, Pass x-250, McCormack DNA -225 & maybe Edge. What do you suggest?

I'm going through a similar evaluation, so a couple of other candidates in that mix could include a Plinius SA250MK III used at about $3k and the BAT VK 500. So any opinions would also be appreciated.
Add Gamut D200 on your list with Plinius SA250. These are my favorite SS amps.
Im in a smilar situation. Looking for a 200 wpc amp, and have selected Plinius 250, Pass Labs X350 and Gamut D200. Ive read that the Plinius is on the warmer side, the Pass labs is very transparent, and the Gamut has a one of the best soundstages available.....

Thanks for the help.

Conrad Johnson MF-2200 @ 200 wpc or MF-2500 @ 240 wpc which is made to push hard loads. It has all the qualities you seek. It's not the new kid on the block but "it just sounds right"
Also in similar problem 803 nautilus, bat vk-30se, cary cd player been using Sim W-5, ML 331, 332,conrad johnson MF-2500, classe CA-201, and now CA-401 i think it is the best so far execellent high outstanding full and sweet midrange, bass if fuller but not as tight as ML, classe seem to match very well with bw speaker especially for the midrange if you love mid like me you won't be disappointed. FYI bw speaker using classe amp in most of their electronic show.
if you will ask how long you should wait for new Gamut D200 and how many of them on the used market, you will realize that this product speaks for itself.
Add the Musical Fidelity A300cr (225 wpc - dual mono - choke regulated) to your list. I'm using one with N804 speakers and it just rocks. Well controlled bass, gorgeous mids, and clear, airy highs. MF and B&W gear mate extremely well.
Check out
I'm using one of thier 100 wpc with a simple tube pre amp and have never been happier.
you should consider the Gryphon S - 100, which you may be able to find used for 3000-4000$.By far superior to Classe 201, which is a nice amp but not the same class as the Gryphons.Good luck.
I would suggest spending a little more money and swinging for the FPB300 (not the "x" version).
The 300 has a much larger power supply and sounds smoother. I use it on the mid/high section of my actively bi-amped B&W800's. The sound is WONDERFUL!

Have fun,
I know someone who went to the B&W factory and they had Levinson amps plugged into the N800s for what it's worth. I know Electrocompaniet makes some nice high-current designs and even named their Nemo amp to coincide with the Nautilus line, so that may be worth a look too. I recently got a Marsh A400s to demo and to say the least I am extremely impressed, and it is a screaming bargain at around $2k. Best of luck.

I am an Edge Electronics dealer, so take this as you will, but the NL-10 is a very nice 220 watt amplifier with no solidstate glare and has enough speed to keep up with the microdynamics of any source. We heard it with the B&W N800s and they did quite well, though they were only 3 weeks new and some leeway had to be made for their not being broken in yet.

They really love fat power cables to play at their best, as do all good power amps, so you should probably factor that into your hunt as well... :-)
Why not save some money and park two outstanding used SS amps in your system. I am using Threshold S350E now, but am looking for two S500IIs or better, 2 S550E to keep the Nauts happy. I've been using Threshold for 20 years, same with B&W 802s and I'm not looking to switch. Tom
Try the Marsh A400. At a little over 2k, it is an incredible bargain. In fact it is the all around best SS amp I have heard. I own one and only very high quality tube amps have been able to beat it.
Hard to believe that Accuphase hasn't been mentioned. I tried a lot of product before settling on the $6000 model P450 which can now be found used for half that or less if you're lucky. Appearance is to-die-for with those big lighted meters & brushed gold faceplate. But the sound; I'm in love at last.
I think you should get SimAudio W5 to drive your B&W speakers. I have one and it drives my pair of Cabasse iroise 500 with peak power 840watts easily with no problems. This amp also match with high performance preamp.
Nobody mentions Bryston's 4B? A very powerful high-current number in the 200+ range. Available reasonably and with a 20 year unlimited warranty.
I'd like to second Trich727's recomendation of the Threshold amps. I have an S/500 II and a pair of SA-1s and love them to death. I haven't heard Pass' latest efforts, but they must be good to be selling so well when the stuff he built 15 years ago sounds so good and is available so inexpensively.
Lots of contenders, depends on your budget of course, and whether you want new or used. Any of the following should float your boat: Plinius SA 250, Pass X250, Bryston 4B ST, Blue Circle BC8 monoblocks...the list could go on quite a ways.....
Pass Aleph 1.2.
Sunfire Signature. I've lived with other SS amps with more "street status," but if I were to go back to SS, I would not hesitate to seek out a Sunfire Sig. The most fun I've ever had with a SS amp!
Those other amps: BAT VK-500, Spectral DMA-100, 47 Labs Gaincard-S (w/ two power supplies).
Audio Research
D200 or D300
Belles 350A
Whew! These posts really narrow it down!
Well Turnaround, actually they did. I beleive my suggestion of two Threshold amps got a second nomanation. We had some "I remember when I used this SS" stuff, which the mind can't truly remember sound, thus the need for direct A-B comparisons. I do use Threshold now and always have, with B&W 802's. Threshold S or S/E is an excellent choice at bargain prices. And you can still get them repaired or upgraded through Jon at Tom
i was on the same mission. the simw-5 is great and mates very well w/ 802. i got a great deal on pass aleph 1.2--a marriage made in heaven. got my pair for $5000. the extra power and current really opens up the 802's--more transparency, livelier sound, better imaging and depth. the b&w metal tweeters are much better behaved w/ the aleph's voiceing. i previous used krell and needed rolled off cables to deal w/ upper mid's and treble excess energy.
both the pass and the sim products are much more like real music through the b&w's. mccormack sounds good w/ b&w, but mccormack is brighter than pass or sim. i tried the 225. the old dna1 upgraded to A level has the same or simular virtues as the 225, but is less bright. with the b&w tweeters, brightness is a major system matching issue or at least is was for me. BOB-i hope i've helped?