Best Spooky, Moody, Atmospheric Home Theatre Demo

I still don't quite the idea of remaking a classic film, frame by frame, but tonight I bought a new copy of the Psycho DVD with Vince Vaughn and Anne Heche.

Perhaps it has more to do with the scene, but I really enjoy the atmosphere of the opening of the movie, and hearing the pouring rain in surround sound, as she cautiously approaches the neon sign of the Bates Motel.

Bearing in mind both technical AND dramatic considerations, what movies do you think best demonstrate the spooky, moody, atmospheric capabilities of home theatre and surround sound?
Cwlondon, I may not be the authority on horror but the best demonstration for horror to date as far a remakes in surround sound has to still be "The Haunting" in Dts ES 6.1

Another Dts Es remake that is wild was "The Texas Chainsaw Massacare". In surround sound it freaked my Wife out so badly that sleeping with the lights on for a week was a requirement afterwards.

"The Grudge", and "The Ring" are the only 2 newer flicks to date that really did a number on me.
My wife votes for the ring, nothin scares me except her jumpy a** during a movie
Audiobugged , i dont know , sounds like you know a thing or two to me! The Haunting was bearable due to Catherine and as you correctly said , a stunning use of sound . The DTS version has the most thunderous low end I have yet encountered as well as excellent stability in its omnipresent suround effects that emerse you in a wash of pressure from opening to credits. Agreed again on TCM , the remake. Bay is never less than exciting and not only is the soundtrack spot on , it is clean , fast and completely coherent . It is constantly thrilling but never exhausting. One of the best of last year . For a creepy and damn near scientific - perfect use of surround sound atmospherics , the daunting Dark City is tops on my list.There is a pressure encoded in the soundtrack that energizes the space in the room and around your head like nothing I have ever experienced. When you nail the set up of the system , it snaps into focus and is quite startling. Brilliant work , movie and pacing. A few others in the si-fi genre to test the cohesiveness of your speaker setup ,processor cailbration and room acoustic synergy would be The Fifth Element , AVP , and the subtle yet brilliant Solaris .
first one that came to my mind is 'Cube'...the original one's opening scene...there were a couple sequels also but the first was the best...I've seen the other movies also and admit that they are also excellent's just that 'Cube' popped into my mind immediately.

you wax your car yet?
Another Dts movie which is no cinematic masterpiece that gives your H/T system an intense workout is "Reign of Fire". This dragon slayer type flick, will continually make your jaw drop as it could surface drywall nails, or crack plaster. Not a movie to try if you have a Bose system, but also a great movie to demonstrate reasons why you didn't buy a Bose system!
Farenheit 911; what could be spookier than what the government is doing?
Fahrenheit 911: What could be spookier than what Michael Moore says and does and some people actually buy into it!
But, it's AMERICA and ain't it GREAT!
Fahrenheit 9-11, what a load of crap. Horror? Maybe, though my Wife and I found more hilarious than horrifying.

I'll second "Reign of Fire," my Subs were sweatin' after that one!
Fahrenheit 9-11 shown in "Feel-Around" would be damn spooky.

Next time you have guests over, stand behind them as they're watching the movie [or any movie], and whatever the protagonist on screen experiences, you do the same to your guests. Should be loads of spine chilling fun!
Fahrenheit 9-11

I, too, was terrified.

But I can't decide which was more terrifying:

Michael Moore's chippy arrogance or the thought of George Bush running the world.

Marilyn Manson, ironically, put me at ease.
From the Project Records email that I received in June:

Midnight Syndicate the 13th Hour $13.98
Set in a haunted Victorian mansion, The 13th Hour features Midnight Syndicate's signature blend of dark, gothic orchestration blended with 80's-style horror movie music, and chilling sound effects that draw you into the halls of a haunted house with a sinister history. The ultimate Halloweeen horror soundtrack for any gothic music, ghost-hunting, or haunted attraction lover. Turn off the lights and light the candles as spectral sound effects blended with the music make The 13th Hour a truly unique and interactive listening experience.
Politics and Audio go together like BOSE and Quality.
Anchor Bay's special edition of Suspiria. Pick it in, crank it up, and prepare for horror movie sound like you've never heard before.
911 opening scene set a presage in cinema opening scenes,
Superbit version of Resident Evil. It's one of the best recorded movies I've heard.
I second "Suspiria." The three-disc edition has a CD of Goblin music. That band definitely made some creepy-ass music. I can't listen to it without looking behind me every two minutes. I would also suggest "Sleepy Hollow." It has some really atmospheric cinematography, IMO.
"The Others" with Nicole Kidman has a dark and spooky tone, with excellent surround effects that seem to be coming from around your own house.