best speakers with denon 3300

I just started with a music/home theater system. I bought the Denon 3300 and would like to buy new speakers as well. I have left $1500 and would like to have front speakers. I will buy later a center and surround in my next paycheck. I like when the sound is well separated (accoustic type) I am listenning some pop, jazz, hip hop and watch many movies. I heard a lot of good review concerning the paradigm speakers. What do you think ? what would be the best speakers matching this receiver and delivering a nice sound. thanks
I too have a Denon AVR-3300 and listen to similar types of music. When I purchased my speakers, I auditioned several speakers including Bose(Worthless for music!), Paradygm, PSB, and B&W. Although I liked the PSB and Paradigm speakers, the B&W's sounded so much crisper (Of course, I'm sure that the amp, cables, and cd player driving them helped). Therefore, I purchased and am running the B&W CDM1-SE's and CDM1-CSE for the fronts and center. Overall, they sound very crisp with excellent separation. For acoustic guitarists such as Acoustic Alchemy, Peter White, Mark Antoine, Chieli Minucci, Earl Klugh, etc., they are exceptional. In addition, Dolby Digital on movies is awesome! However, the bass is definitely lacking. It became very apparent when I hooked up my 20 yr. old Cerwin Vega's for the two surround channels and ran it it 5 channel stereo mode. The sound really opened up. Sade and Steely Dan sounded awesome. To hopefully correct this, my next acquisition will be to purchase a very musical subwoofer. I'm looking at a REL: either a Stratus or Storm. If this works, then I'll buy two more CDM's (or their Nautilus 805's) to complete my system. Otherwise, I'll be looking for more full ranging speakers to use for the mains and move the CDM1's to the surrounds. It wish that I had a "magic" single solution speaker recommendation for you, but as you have read, I'm still in a state of flux on this very issue. Good luck in your search.
thanks you all for your response. I haven't listen a lot of speakers yet. I am still in documentation process. Many persons recommend me the B&W speakers. Because of their price, I was looking at something more affordable. My hear is not as well educated as many of you but I certainly appreciate a good sound. The bose system is totally flat for music and I agree. The B&W need a subwoofer to appreciate movies and music (this add a lot to my budget). the Vandersteen 2ce seems to be a great speaker but I haven't check the price yet. I notice that you are paying what you are listening. However, for there is some good competion for $1500 ish speakers. Next week, I am going to listen to some MK sounds THX speakers (750). The price is pretty good and they have some good reviews also. Thanks a lot for your advices and keep posted!!
first things first--what might sound good to my ears doesn't mean it'll hold true for somebody else's ears- I was told to at least match the tweeters across the L,R, CC, and Rear Surrounds if possible and preferrably the crossovers as well. I recently traded up from the Denon 2800 to the 3300. I was running 4 Paradigm Titans, CC170 and PS 1000 sub. It was being used approximately 80% movies and 20% music. I returned the sub after 2 weeks as it had a nasty transformer hum in the standby mode, was great on movies but was extremely slow and muddy for music. I traded it even up for a MB Quart D1200si, which absolutely smokes on music and is average for movies. I listen mostly to the blues with some rock and a little jazz. I then traded up 2 of the Titans for a pair of 2 month old Paradigm Phantoms (floorstanding 3 driver/2 way). I was extremely happy with the Titans but had to jump on the Phantoms (killer price, under $300). Currently I'm running the 3300 with the Phantoms on the front with the 3300's Left/Right preouts feeding the sub, CC 170 and Titans on the rears.I added a Toshiba SD-2200 DVD. I've ran several DVDs through it, Matrix, A Bugs Life, 3 Kings, new 007, to name a few. This setup just flat out rocks for movies. The audio is absolutely fantasic on DVD's ! Which I attribute to all speakers haveing matched tweeters. As for music it's become a whole other deal. I found listening to CDs rapidly fatigueing, way to bright (in 2 or 5 channel). While trying to figure out which would make the most dollar sense to correct this issue, I built a set of speaker cables (Cat 5, 4 9's OFC, hand twisted and telfon wrapped), this helped a little, but the brightness remained. Considered upgrading to CD Transport with a MSB Link DAC (another grand at least,crap!) In the interm, a friend let me borrow a tube preamp and a 35 WPC Fisher Tube Amp which he bought new in the 60's. I dropped these two units in place of the 3300 and honestly wasn't expecting much if any improve at all. But he wanted me to hear tubes compared to digital. We fired it up with Jonny Lang's " Lie to Me", quickly followed by Koko Taylor's "Royal Blue". Night and day difference- what brightness ? what fatigue? I could have listened all night! The kicker was we where only using the Phantoms with no sub and I absolutely loved it! Feeling bummed out that I had dropped the bucks on the digital setup and was ready to scrap the whole deal, I went and rented Matrix again. Dropped the 3300 back in and wired the Phantoms back into the HT setup and spun it up. And prepared to double check my answer -- yep, this setup flat out rocks for movies. I decided to leave it alone, it's new mission in life is 100% movies/TV. I picked up a Jolida 302 tube amp (used for 1/3 the cost of new one)Friday and have begun building a music system. So my advice to you would be - first and foremost - please your ears and your wallet- check out Paradigm's line- as I put them up against Boston Acoustic and Definitive Technologies and I absolutely love them, especially in the cost versus performance department. BTW the rear Titans where the only ones I bought new. I saved a lot bucks going the audio shop demo/trade in route. I hope this has been some help you.- Enjoy the journey! FireBottles Rule! Mike
I think for $1,500 you have tons of options. I would, however, advise against the M&K THX speakers or any THX speakers for that matter if music is important to you. These THX speakers are designed for movies and many are great at it. The problem is they are designed to give a radiation pattern that is suited best for movies and can sound rather poor for 2 channel. If movies are your priority and you like them go for it. Otherwise look into something else. For $1,500 you can get some great speakers. I concur with B&W floor standing speaker or Paradigm. Let me throw in a few others. Thiel CS.5 (although probably a difficult load for your receiver, may not provide enough bass, and not very loud.) Vandersteen 2 series, nice boxless design, very open and flat. PSB Bronze are also nice. NHT not as popular as they once were, which means you can find them at a relative bagain. Finally, consider MIrage bi-polars. They are not the "in" speakers anymore, but I have the M3SI and think they are awesome compromise between movies and music. They have incredible soundstage which is paricularly important in movies and really put you in the middle of the action. They are also great for audio. One major trade-off in design is a loss of pinpoint imaging. I would look into these used or look at the newer OM sereis. Best of luck!