Best speakers under $2000 to match with a SET amp?

Hello all,
I live in a small NYC apartment my room is 11' deep, and 12' wide. I own a Unison Research S2K amp that can produce 15 watts ultralinear class a. It's linked with Audience AU24 cables to a Meridian 596 DVD and Von Schweikert VR1 speakers. Time for an upgrade in the speaker department. I listen to a lot of rock, samba, funk, jazz, disco, electronic, and hip-hop. However, I'm not a total bass freak. My room is too small, and I listen at normal levels, afterall I have lots of neighbors. I'm looking for tone, natural tone. That's why I bought a SET amp in the first place. Now I need the speakers to match any ideas?
Thanks to all!
Im thinking of Zu's Tone speaker in your room. The Druids may work as well. Tough room demensions to work with, but definately workable. Another speaker could be the Ref 3A MM De Capo i at 92 db. effec.
I have had two sets of Cain Abbys. I let one pair go, and the 2nd pair is staying. Using the Abbys with the Cain Bailey fills out the bottom when needed. I use the speaker cable from the amp type of connection with the Bailey instead of line-level.

Sounds great at both soft and loud settings. Plays blues, jazz, country, rock, movie soundtracks, etc.

Much more full (Abby only) than the Horn Shoppe Horns I used a year ago, especially at low volumes.

My room is only 8' wide by 14' long, and I use the regular Fostex driver. I got the 2nd hand setup (Abby/Bailey) for $1,850 including shipping.

Sounds great with push-pull EL84 and single ended EL84. I'm keeping my Sam Kim Audio EL84 push pull amp and retiring from the rat race.

Good Luck!
THe problem with most speakers is they need to be well out into the room (think 1/3) to breath.

You might look at maggies small wall mounts. I think you can buy them direct with a one years trade up I THINK
The Devore Gibbon 8 (and Gibbon Super 8) were designed by a NYC apt. dweller for low power amps with tone being paramount. They've received much praise. Usually, used models go for considerably less than $2K.
I'll 2nd Kehut on the de Capo i recommendation. I used them with my 8w 300b SET with excellent results. You'll be really pleased with their bass response in your size room.
I'll 3rd Kehut on the Reference 3A MM de Capo i speaker recommendation. Using them with a Blue Circle BC6, 25 watt class A hybrid amp, 3 feet out from the wall in a relatively small room (16' x 12' x 8.5').
Galante Rhapsody's are a superb match with my 8 watt SET amps (Disclaimer - I am currently selling my Galantes as my SET amps are going into storage for a while). I'd normally tell you to consider Klipsch K-Horns or LaScalas, but both are too big for your room. You could use vintage Cornwalls in that space for much less than $2K. I'd also highly recommend considering Silverline Sonatinas. You can get a used pair in your price range, and they'd likely be a great match with your 15amp SETs. You should also try to solicit answers specifically from those with your amps as that interface is critical. I have no experience with your amps - I'm using 8 watt 300B SET amps.

Thanks for the ideas. I do love the idea of the Druids. How about the Omega line? I see a pair of Super Hemp 3 XRS or Compact Hemps on Audiogon.....any comments on these?
I would second the Cain Abbys: Small footprint and they can be placed relatively close to the back - much much better than the Omega Super 3 I tried. Also, I did use them in a small room simialr to the size of yours with great success.

Also, if since you are in NY you could give the Fi Super X a try - a wonderful match to the Abbys.
My listening room/office is almost exactly your size. I listen to Jazz, Rock, some Bluegrass. I've used 300b and 2a3 SET amps. I've used Omega, Horneshoppe and Cain & Cain (I've also used Von Schweikert VR4J4s in another oom). I've settled on the Cain & Cain Superabby's. They fill out the room with bass and present a real nice natural sound. The rear-firing alnico tweeters are nice too. Think about it.
If you can stretch to $2500 I have a pair of fostex fe206esr special edition driver back loaded horns designed to be used with SET or other low power amps 98db 1 watt shipping inc see my add if interested.
I'll second both the Reference 3A MM De capo's and the Silverline Sonatinas. You might also consider the Silverline SR-17's (these are stand mounted monitors) with a small sub like the entry level Rel's. I'm using the larger Silverline Sonata 2's in a 12' x 17' room and the Silverline family sound will fit your preferences. Coincident is another name with good efficiency and overall quality sound.