best speakers under $1000 for classic rock?

I am looking for opinions on the best speakers under $1000 for classic rock (Grateful Dead, Doors, etc.) and home theater. I have a 10" Velodyne (CT) sub that will be used and 90 watt Denon AVR. I currently have Polk RT55i which I am impressed with but my ears are not very experienced in stereo/HT equipment. Any thoughts.....
If you happened to have the chance, try and audition some of the older Snell (mid-90's) floorstanders(J/D/E/C). Used you should have no problem finding one for under $1000. I believe the D's are the largest that UPS would ship. (90lbs)
Therefore, try to find one locally if possible. Very nice spks. with beautiful wood veneer finishes. Great bass and I believed they all used a soft-dome tweeter (front and sometimes a rear-firing one) which should work well w/your Denon.
Vandersteen's will treat your ears and your budget.

Lots to choose from in your price range here on Audiogon.

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Paradigm Reference 40 or 60 would be great. One of the best values for the $$ and a big step above the regular Paradigm speakers. The 40 is selling on Audiogon now.
Are you looking for a complete surround setup? If so, there is an ad right now on Agon for the PSB Image 4T,9C,10S for $950. Perfect, if a surround setup is what you're looking for.

As a disclaimer, I own the 4T and I do not know the individual who is selling the setup I reference above.
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I second the Paradigm Reference series speakers. It is nearly impossible to beat economies of scale in this price range and my ears can attest first hand to the fact that Paradigm pulls it off supremely well. Simply great speakers at a great price. I recommended the 80.2s to a friend of mine and he thanks me daily for it. I love my 100.2s to death but finding them in you price range - even used - may be difficult. At least listen to a broken-in (few are at the dealers) pair of 60s or 80s with good electronics before you buy. Their only (slight) downfall is the bass oomph but you have that covered already. Add a couple 20s for surround and you will be in nirvana. Paradigms tend to be easier to find than many other brands too. Good luck! Arthur
Try a pro dealer for some active Mackie HR824 or 624's. Amps are built into the speakers. If nothing else, a good listening experience.
get used pair of B&W CDM1NT
snatch up those castle harlechs that are on special on audiogone....they are less than 1000.00 and love all recordings..they compare with models many times their original price of 2200.00
Straight out, I would say VMPS Tower II.

Will play clear 115db SPL, from 22Hz-25Khz, with audiophile quality (made sterophiles recommended list a couple times)

Two 12" woofers and a 12" PR!!! they weigh 135#. These are what you are looking for.

They list for $1298 (street through a dealer for a couple dollars over your goal)