Best speakers to play Mahler and Bruckner

under $3500 new. I have MF A3CR amp/preamp and plan to buy another amp to biamp (with other MF A3CR)in a near future. my room is 13'x 16'. I'll appreciate any suggestion. Thank you. -Raul-
vienna acous.model mahler
I am a fellow Mahler fan, and bruckner (have you heard any of the Chelibidache recordings on EMI yet?)

I love my audio physic virgos for it. They may not be dark enough sounding for some people's taste, but I love being able to see the crystal clear image. Some people find the image distracting for classical music, but I find that it helps me notice the monumental efforts of specific musicians or thier sections. I love the way Mahler throws the motifs around between sections, and this speaker really demonstrates that.

I don't like electrostatic for classical. That's my taste though. While they convey a clear and airy sound they never seem to demonstrate the sense of power that the musicians are capable of creating.

I'm pretty happy with my MF a3 integrated. It seems to really do well with the lower strings. I love the way the celli sound when they are sawing away! (they would definitly take that as an insult.....)
one thing though. I don't know about the seperates, but the MF A3 integrated seems a little warm in the mid-bass, which might not be the "best" match for my virgos which share a little of that characteristic. I mostly notice on male vocals (but then again it might be my ghetto cd player). also, the virgos are not bi-wireable, although I have heard of aftermarket alterations for it.
Thanks for your suggestions guys! Wjones7412, I have not heard any of the Celibidache recordings yet, but I'm very interested on listening to one of his since he is considered the most "Brucknerian" director. It seems like you and I have very similar tastes about what we like in Mahler's music so I will check the Virgos as soon as I find a local dealer that sells them. BTW, which is your favorite recording of the Malher's 3rd symphony. The 3rd is the only one I'm missing. Thanks again. -Raul-
Hi Rual,

For people already appreciated Celibidache's interpretation, Knappertbusch's Bruckner collection (symphony 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 and 9) would provide us some different perspective(s).

Should I advocate the performance(s) of Furtwnagler as well?

For my personal taste, I always admire Walter's passion and Klemperer's objectivity when they approached Maler's music.

To all Brucker and Mahler fans out there, happy listening.

Raul, for Mahler's 3rd I suggest Adler. Yu11375, may I recommend Barbirolli for Mahler 4-5-6-7, and Horenstein for 8. I love Klemperer on the 2nd and Walter on 1st.

I think A-Physics are a good idea, capable of reproducing the intensity and emotional impetus contained in Mahler's music. JM lab mini utopias also sounded good on Mahler 8 -- but they're expensive.
Good luck!
Thiel 2.3 / 3.6 deserve a serious audition before the final decision. I was too focusing on music performances to make my speaker suggestion.

Also, thanks for Gregm's recommendation.
I really don't have a suggestion for a mahler three. I don't have it either!

On another note- I'm not a big fan of barbirolli. I have his 5. Not a real big fan of the interpritation, but mostly the playing is a little sub standard. I'm refering to the Studio Plus label and the New philharmonia orchestra recording of mahler 5. I've never heard of either. I think I'll have another listen though. I havn't put this recording in the machine for a long time. 5 is the toughest to play, and I havn't heard a recording yet that doesn't have some weekness in the interpritation or the performance.

Mahler 7 with Abado and the chicago symphony is pretty amazing. especially the tenor horn solo at the begining. Thats really tough to play.

I've listened to some of the other speakers mentioned.

I liked the thiels, but I wasn't hooked. The JMlabs were great in every way, but to me everything sounded miniature (maybe the gear feeding it?) It felt very strange. It was the opposite effect of what I would want for these composers.

I liked the Vienna Accoustics, but they didn't seem to really capture the passion of the music.

I listened to the thiels and the viennas in the same place. I think there was something wrong in the setup because I heard no clear image from either speaker. The proprietor kept telling me not to listen for an image... yeah whatever.

For all you mahler fans: do you like mahler 1?
sorry to clog up this topic!
The AP Virgos are about 4,500 new. But I got a new set on audiogon $3000 (even in the premium finish!)
Wjones, for Mahler 1 (that I love) you could give Walter/Columbia (rather than the NYSO) a listen. I find the 2nd part very simplistically moving...
Try Mahler's third with Klaus Tennstedt also you will not regret it.As far as JMLab Mini Utopia's try to drive them with a high current amplifier at 100w and you will feel all the drive and power of a Mahlerian climax plus all the intimate details of pppp.

Good listening