best speakers to match with the rogue Chronus magn

I'm upgrading my system and recently bought a Rogue Chronus int. amp. I'm listening to Martin logans basic (beginner) speaker i got from my son. At first they impressed with their transparency but quickly I outgrew them and hate their positional efficiency. Their sweet spot is too small. I used to have Thiel CS2 but I can't get replacement tweeter/mid. I'm in the market for new speakers. I listen mostly to classic/prog rock and jazz. Considering B&Ws. I would appreciate comments from fellow audiophiles to match with my Rogue. I'm contemplating spending up to $2000. for a pair. All commments are appreciated.
I run Harbeth C7ES3's with a Cronus magnum to great effect. A ton of speakers match well with the Cronus and you're the first Martin Logan I've seen. My friend uses Salk Song Towers with the Magnum and loves the combo although not that good for rock. My Harbeths are better for rock than the Salks. How about Vandersteens?
I really like the combo of Von Schweikert speakers and Rogue amps.
Rouge and Tyler Acoustics are like peas and carrots, a really good match (if you like peas and carrots).
Have heard Vandersteen 3A's with Rogue gear, very nice sound, warmish but still good detail and dynamics.
I like Vandersteen's as well (I use them in my main system), but they definitely have a sweet spot. If you want better off axis listening, you may like something from Mirage. They're known for that.
I have a Tempest II Magnum. Running Revel F30's - I can't go rediculous lay loud but within its limits (which for me is no real limit at all) this is a good match.

seeing how others like their Rogues with a variety of speakers seems you have a lot to choose from.
Vandersteen 1C, Vandersteen 2Ce Sig II, Magnepan 1.7, Revel F-12, Revel F-32 (and probably the new Revel 206) ..... and many more. The Rogue is a wonderful amp, and will match quite well with a lot of different speakers. You may want to call Rogue Audio and speak with Mark O'Brien. He's incredibly helpful and can give you good advice. Congratulations, and enjoy the music ! Happy Listening.
I have heard Sonus Faber 'The Toy' model w/ very nice results.

Happy Listening!
I'll second my boy, Roscoe. The Rogue Cronus Magnum was a great match to VR-33 speakers. Not my favorite speakers, but the best I herd them sound and I did try a number of costlier amps and pre amps.