Best Speakers to match Ayre V-1xe and K-1xe

I've listened to a lot of options in the last 3 weeks. Wilson Sophias and Watt Puppy 8's, Dynaudio C2's and C4's, Avalaon Indras. I wish I could hear Vandersteen 5a's but no local dealer. Does anyone who knows well or owns Ayre gear comment on the best fit?
Thanks Kthomas! Happy listening.
You may also want to consider Sonus Faber speakers. They sound great with Ayre gears. Currently have the MX-R driving SF Memento and they sound excellent. Have also demoed V1xe driving SF speakers, they also match well. Wife acceptance factor is also great as these speakers look very nice.
Hello, I've bought an Ayre V-1x and an Ayre K-3x with phono stage. I use them with my Clements RT7 Reference and I can listen a very naturally sound, great front-stage, and particulary in details. I've also a pair of Avalon Monitor that I usually use in alternative with Clements.
My impression is that it play like a wall speacker, with an impressionant mid-low speaker.