Best speakers to go with a turntable

Hi! First of all, excuse my English as I'm from Argentina..

I've just acquired a Bang & Olufsen Beocenter 2000 ( which comes with a built in amplifier.

Without having much of an idea about speakers, I was thinking of getting a pair of Klipsch RB-51 (about $500 in my country), but my father assures me that some Technics SB Lx70 (about $260) would be enough..

I'd like to know your opinion about them, or what other option would you choose.

Any suggestion would be helpful.
You need to check the power output of your amp and the sensitivity of the speakers to see which will work better. I would say the
Klipsch is likely the more efficient but I don't have the figures for them. It is always a good idea to get the best speakers you can afford.
Thanks for replying, I forgot to mention it's a 2 x 25 watts RMS stereo amplifier..

My room size is about 4m x 3m, and I mostly listen 70's psychodelic/progressive rock.

Here are the specifications of both speakers:
for that amount of wattage, can you find a pair of used JBL's in your country? Like the L-100, L-36, L-50 or similiar? Klipsch should do it also.
with 25 watts per channel, the trick is not to turn it up so loud you are "clipping" the amp all the time and start burning out tweeter or mid drivers..
I assume you like Yes, Pink Floyd, Genesis, etc?
I have a pair of JBL 4312C monitors and they are fantastic with low and high output amps. Their neutral response is excellent for rock.
Your assumption is right Xiekitchen.
I'm afraid i can't find those models you mentioned, just ES series regarding JBL..
I also forgot to mention my budget is $500-$550 top.
You can see what speakers are available in my country here:

Someone told me the PSB IMage B25s may also be a good option, what do you guys think?
By the way, all I could find regarding JBL's L series is a pair of JBL L-19s..
go for the klipsch-but maybe a used pair of Hereseys for about $400 (USD), very efficient and great for rock. Plus, for klipsch, they are small so shipping wont cost much. Cheers.
I would go with the Heresy also if they were available, would be MUCH better for rock. 25 watts is enough for 92db speakers.
With 25watts I would look for a speaker with an efficiency rating of 96 DB or higher.
I believe the Heresys are rated around 98db, so they will sound great.