Best speakers small room off center

I could use some advice/help with my secondary system in my office. It measures 11 by 13, and the speakers are along the short wall, but they are off center. They are only about 5 and half feet apart and the right speaker is about a foot and a half from both the side and back walls (the left speaker is a foot and a half from the back wall but well off the side wall). I am centered between the speakers, about 8 feet from them.

Right now the weak link in the system is the cabling, but before I get into those details, I want to make sure I have the major components set. Current speakers are Energy C6. Rega Planet 2000 CD, Adcom GFP750 preamp, Bryston 4Be (early NRB series) amp. The speakers need to stay were they are. Are these a poor choice for this application? They don't image as well and they're not as clear as they were in a much bigger room with more optimized placement. Price range is 700-1k used. I'm not picky about box, planar, etc. Other threads on small room speakers suggest monitors, which I could do if I had to, but I see kids in this office who might knock them over, so I'd really prefer floorstanders.

If these speakers are a good choice for the set up, I'll think about cables next, but if they're not, any advice is appreciated. Thanks. -Dave
I have a room with exactly the same dimensions, speakers same distance apart and distance from side wall, and same distance to seating position with the addition of my needing to sit off center. I'm using VonSchweikert VR1 monitor speakeres and they image phenomenally well despite the room limitations. They are out of production but you may find them used. Currently A'Gon has the floor-standing VR2s listed in your price range and they have the advantage over the VR1s of deeper and more powerful bass. excellent imaging speakers with a rich, detailed sound.
totem arro or staff
Jgiacalo - thanks for your response. The VR2s for sale are pick up only in Virginia and I'm in Boston (and none on ebay). Do you know if other Von Schweikerts are similarly suitable for this setup?

Dwhitt - do you specifically have experience with these in this type of off center, small room setup?

Thanks. Anyone else?
You should give ART speaker from Scotland a try.
if you can use a floor stander , the arro, is a great selection due to the soundstage and how you can place the speaker...look at my system beside my dwhitt ..and click on the set , it shows the arro speakers in a larger room, but you will get an understanding of how these speakers become monitors with built in stands.....good bass...
peachtree audio's era 4 or 5 are interesting, have heard them set up in many situations with excellent success . they are very detailed and don't need alot of power...dwhitt
Have you any experience with the Peachtree line of speakers ?
This is from their speaker home page ...

"The small print: When a speaker with “real” bass response is designed in such a small box, it requires more power than a typical speaker its size. So we suggest an amp or receiver with a good power supply with at least 75 watts or more per channel ."

Just wondering .
i own the 5 with a sub, i am using them with a 75 watt cambridge amp and they sound great, i am using it with the peachtree decco , also with a modest amp and they are great....i may not have made myself clear, to me, 75 watts is not a lot of power...250 is a lot of power....thanks for asking
I also recommend taking a look at the Totem Arro. They have excellent off-axis sound. Not a lot of bass, however (although a lot more than you would expect from something that small).