Best speakers of the group? Your opinions please

I doubt many, if any, people have had the opportunity to listen to all I am listing. Your opinions are appreciated though. I am researching for my next set. They are all extremely fine speakers I believe.
1. Avalon Eidolon
2. Sonus Faber Amati Homage
3. Wilson Watt Puppy 7
4. Revel Ultima Salon
5. Talon Firebird
6. B&W Nautilus 800

My System: Krell KPS 28C, Krell KCT, Krell 450MCX, B&W N802, McIntosh tunner, Audio Magic stealth & mini, Revel B15a sub.
Thanks in advance
Check out Usher's speakers, the bigger Dancer line, esp w/ the new Beryllium tweets. I have an older pair (w/ ceramic mids and tweets) and they're awesome, for much less money.
Given the quality of the speakers on your list and the quality of equipment, you should consider the Acapella La Campenalla's and the Acapella Violon's. These are excellent speakers.
I'll second the recommendation for the Aerial 20t. I've had big Infinity planars, (IRS-Beta), Wilsons (WP6), B&W (Matrix 800, 800 Signature), Maggies(3.5r) and many many more and I've lived with my 20t's for over a year and I still have no desire to move on......very rare for me!

Words of caution: The 20t's will ruthlessly reveal any poor links in the upstream chain, bad cables, etc. With quality frontend and system matching they will reward you.

Good luck in your quest!

Paul :-)