Best Speakers/ Mini monitors USED 5K


I am looking for a pair of full range speakers or
mini monitors for around 5k. This is for a Two
channel systems which consist of Levinson 38s
ML 37, ML 36s, and ML 331 Amp. My choices are
Wilson Watt and Puppies, B&W 802N, and Revel

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B&W Silver sig's and Mini Utopia's.

Talon Peregrine Xs. The best monitors in the world and i have heard a lot of em.
Merlin is the best you can do if you can find a used pair at all- I also agree with the Utopia's as being great but go with quads or anything before you go with your three pics- I know they look good but sonicly you can kill them for way less money.Pride of ownership would be high though.
Sonus Faber Extremas, if you can find any...
There is a Tannoy System 15mk2 on Audiogon ad. I'd swing it if I got 2200 to throw around, and if my aching knees can put these 100lbs each speakers on top of a stand.
How can anybody dismiss Watt/Puppies, especialy with the rest of the electronics you have? You (HChg888) placed them first on your list, and rightly so. My vote Watt/Puppy 5.1!
I know folks who have the money to use Wilson's for flower pots and either have Apogee Divas or are looking for one.
Well said muralman! Multiple application will ensure companies staying in business, even as flower pots. And when did Apogee co. went out of business? They didn't even survive as lousy curtains. BTW i make my own. "flower pots":
The talons are far better than Watt/Puupy 5.1s. I've auditioned them back to back. I easily prefer the Talons to the Watt/Puppy 6s. I suggest that Hchg888 look into them especially as a pair has just come on Audiogon, although the price is only so-so.
Oops, sorry. I was just telling it like it is. Jason Bloom sold the company and moved to the next best thing as entrepeneurs will do. The company was sold to ADS which promptly buried the patents. Why do you think they spent millions just to do that?
Don't be sorry, just change your underwear! Just kiddin' man. Sure, there could be number of better sounding (still just subjective opinion) speakers on the market, but besides performance shouldn't you expect at least that company backs-up the product if and when things go wrong? Apogees are no more, and only solution for the unfortunate owner is to 'scramble' around the world to try to fix them. Why?
I think you are missing my point. Apogee sold out lock stock and barrel. After that, Bloom had no rights to continue backing his product. ADS felt it was worth their while to scuttle the Apogee line right off the bat. They certainly have no interest to support speakers they just wish would go away.

Let me ask you something. Have you ever walked into a room full of music that you deemed unquestionably real until told otherwise?

Ribbons and easy to follow instructions are available. There are two Divas for sale on audiogon right now. Maybe one of the owners are close enough for you to ask for a listen.
I had chance to listen Apogee's, i cannot remember which model, but typical looking Apogee if you know what i mean. It was in Vegas, and they were jammed into this horrible room and just inches from the wall. And still, they did sound good. So as the Magneplan and ML and so on. And with their own limitations just as any other speaker. As you know, it just matter of tradeoffs. However, did you listen Wilson Watt/Puppy?
I have to admit, I have never heard the Wilson Watt Puppy. Talking about typical looking, all dynamic drivers in a box share an obvious common lineage. I suspect the Wilson, like the big Duntechs, Infinities, and other super box speakers sound dynamic and powerful, with pin point stage array....At high volume. Turn the things down and there is a giant sucking of the music into the big boxes. Music remains suspended in air before you even at faint volumes with an Apogee.

There is no dynamic driver that has the quickness of a low mass ribbon. That translates into detail and that in turn makes it believable. The Divas, the Apogee in question, are three way and one of the best of the Apogees at reproducing all aspects of a real performance. Scintilla is another one. There is nothing typical about their sound when set up properly, and if you heard them inches from the wall, you didn't here one.
the APOGEES like all ribbon/electrostats have demand load problems...i'm sure the APOGGES are a fine sounding speaker...but you're limited in amp to use...not very attractive and big and not practical...the JMLABS ($2.5K UP) would have to be my only choice...they use the FOCAL mid-woofers which in my opinion are the best drivers in production...i'm putting together a kit( with the 8W5411 + PHILIPS RT8(isodynamic tweeter)...another choice would be the kits i saw last night on a new web sight i found by accident...FOCAL
sorry web site is
Mural, just give it a try and go into it with open mind, you will be surprised! Rgds!
Try and have a listen to a big apogee, Duetta, Diva, Scfintilla, Full Range, Grands, properly placed and powered, and let your hair down.

You will be alwys thankful. Cheers!
I'd go for the Merlin TSM-M's or you can also look for
TSM-SE used and send them to merlim for the M upgrade IT"S WORTH IT. The TSM-M's sound great with solid state and tubed gear. Also, I can't speek highly enough about the company.
You should also consider Sonus Faber Extremas.
Merlin VSM-M
Sonus Faber Guarneri
Verity Fidelio
For their size, i REALLY liked the little Legend two-ways. Those little "bookshelf" speakers made more music than just about any other "tiny" speaker that i've recently heard. Like most other "esoteric high-end brands", they are pretty expensive for what they consist of. Sean