Best Speakers match for NAD C372

Hi all,
I am going for a stereo system. I just purchased a NAD C372 stereo integrated amp. Now, I am in the search for a nice pair of floorstanding or monitor speakers. Which ones would be a good match for this amp? I am looking for good sound quality, so I don't care much about the looks..:)
I know that NAD amps have a "warm" sound compare to other SS amps like Rotel, for example.

My budget is $1000 (I can go used) for the pair. I listen to all kinds of music, but basically rock and jazz. My istening room is about 15x15.

Any suggestions? I really appreaciate your help in advance.

I think NAD is a bit warmer than Rotel and I have owned NAD and now own Rotel..........I think Rotel has a crisper more detailed sound and NAD has a bit more warmth so you cant get it asll in that budget, with NAD I had ADS floor standers from circa mid 80's thst had 2 7-8 in woofers a mid and tweeter but I cant recakk model but I will look them up, I remember though that they sell for around $600 used.
If you are interested in trying something a little different, Ohm Walsh series speakers match up nicely with NAD. Micro Walshes can be had new in the price range you are looking for.
The most salient aspect brought out the Stereophile and Absolute Sound reviews of the C372 is that it is the most neutral NAD and NOT warm in the NAD units that precede it. I agree it is an incredible bargain.
The NAD is a great place to start. Try these speaker ideas:

-Polk Audio RTi A7 (rock solid)
-Ohm Walsh micro towers are a good idea (light on the bass but natural sound)
-used Totem Arro (light on the bass but imaging champs)
-Magnepan MMG (lifelike sound)
-Wharfedale Diamond 9.6 (big speaker - big sound)
-KEF iQ7 (good all rounder)
-Monitor Audio Silver RS6 (clean and bright)
With the NAD you got, and what you want to spend, you got a whole range of options. One thing I was thinking, especially since you stated that your listening taste was "basically rock and jazz", is that you might might want to lean toward a floorstander instead of a monitor (unless you're planning on adding a subwoofer at some point in time). A floorstander would be much more likely to give you a more "full range" sound and with better "bass extention" than a monitor would be able to give you. Just something to think about.