Best Speakers match for NAD C372

Hi all,
I am going for a stereo system. I just purchased a NAD C372 stereo integrated amp. Now, I am in the search for a nice pair of floorstanding or monitor speakers. Which ones would be a good match for this amp? I am looking for good sound quality, so I don't care much about the looks..:)
I know that NAD amps have a "warm" sound compare to other SS amps like Rotel, for example.

My budget is $1000 (I can go used) for the pair. I listen to all kinds of music, but basically rock and jazz. My istening room is about 15x15.

Any suggestions? I really appreaciate your help in advance.


Can you explain what you mean by Rotel SS receivers not being warm? I just went with a brand new RSX-1057 A-V Rotel receiver and I find it very warm. I use it more for music than HT and it is very musical and IMO, warm. Can you explain? You may just have heard that and assumed it. Not true IMO. I believe NAD and Rotel are very comparable. Having said that, I would recommend you look at the new B&W 684 floor standers (2-1/2 way) which should just be around your budget. Excellent performers with features and technolgies taken from their more expensive 800 series loudspeakers. Another great line is Focal. The 816V is a 2-1/2 way floorstander. I listened to a pair back in April and was highly impressed. For $1K, you'll probably not get a high quality 3 way floor stander but 2-1/2 ways are great too. That's what I have and love them (B&W DM603 S3's). Thanks.
I think NAD is a bit warmer than Rotel and I have owned NAD and now own Rotel..........I think Rotel has a crisper more detailed sound and NAD has a bit more warmth so you cant get it asll in that budget, with NAD I had ADS floor standers from circa mid 80's thst had 2 7-8 in woofers a mid and tweeter but I cant recakk model but I will look them up, I remember though that they sell for around $600 used.
If you are interested in trying something a little different, Ohm Walsh series speakers match up nicely with NAD. Micro Walshes can be had new in the price range you are looking for.
The most salient aspect brought out the Stereophile and Absolute Sound reviews of the C372 is that it is the most neutral NAD and NOT warm in the NAD units that precede it. I agree it is an incredible bargain.
The NAD is a great place to start. Try these speaker ideas:

-Polk Audio RTi A7 (rock solid)
-Ohm Walsh micro towers are a good idea (light on the bass but natural sound)
-used Totem Arro (light on the bass but imaging champs)
-Magnepan MMG (lifelike sound)
-Wharfedale Diamond 9.6 (big speaker - big sound)
-KEF iQ7 (good all rounder)
-Monitor Audio Silver RS6 (clean and bright)
With the NAD you got, and what you want to spend, you got a whole range of options. One thing I was thinking, especially since you stated that your listening taste was "basically rock and jazz", is that you might might want to lean toward a floorstander instead of a monitor (unless you're planning on adding a subwoofer at some point in time). A floorstander would be much more likely to give you a more "full range" sound and with better "bass extention" than a monitor would be able to give you. Just something to think about.
I'd maybe toss Triangle Comete in the mix. Very transparent with good imaging and microdynamics. Excellent low volume speaker and can go loud as well without stress very well for a speaker in this price range. Represents a very good value as do many of the others mentioned.
I always thought you should buy your speakers first and THEN settle on your amp.
Well Synthfreek,

Sometimes it doesn't work out that way. I will say that the NAD C372 gives it's owner quite a variety of speaker options that should work well.
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Agree sound quality better per dollar for monitor speakers all things being equal. Problem is, if just starting out, usually need good stands too - which run between $200 and $400. That's why I suggested floor standers at first.

Also, good monitors are often current monsters, but with the NAD C372 that should not be an issue.

Below is a list of monitor speakers from a previous thread to consider that should leave money for stands:

Quad 12L - well rounded and smooth sound
Quad 11L - if you can't afford their big brother
Totem Rainmaker - imaging kings
B&W 685 - front firing and good value
B&W CM1 - little speakers, big sound, and sound good next to wall
Era Design 5 - not quite up there with the B&W CM1, but what a beautiful cabinet!
Dynaudio Audience 42 - well rounded but like a lot of current
Usher S-520 - if you like the way they sound and look, a great bargain

For Rock, Dynaudio Audience 52 (used) would provide stronger bass

Idea of adding a sub later is a good one and would apply equally to most of the little floor standers, especially the Ohm Walsh Micro Tower, Totem Arro and Magnepan MMG.
Just a note that if you are comfortable going used and pick up something second hand here on Agon, you can surely cross into the next league of speakers in these or similar lines at your price range to do low end better and go louder and cleaner perhaps if needed for a larger room. If these factors are not a concern, then you've got a lot of very good speak designs to chose from new here at your price point.

If you go used with a reputable seller and do not overpay for used, it is easier to change again if needed without incurring a loss, which enables you to then invest the saved money in other areas of the system later if needed.
I've had that amp with Von Schweikert VR2s. Absolutely stunning for the money (especially used). And unbelievable bass. I think you'd be amazed at what you'd be hearing for probably $1100 used.
If you wanna go stands: NHT Three.
If you wanna go floor: NHT FOUR.

Good Luck Dude!!!!
I have a C372 that I use with a demo pair of Polk Lsi15's that I purchased for $700 that sound very good. I also have a pair of Polk RT 2000i purchased for $600 at a house/moving sale that sound awesome (a lot better than the Lsi15's) with the NAD. Both speaker pairs list at about 2k. If you can find either pair at my price, they are my recommendation.
It is two years later, I just bought the NAD 372 (like Luciano) from Saturday Audio Exchange in Chicago, and am exactly in the same boat..will buy used or new speakers..want old and new rock / jazz/ world / acoustic / clasical / soft and loud to sound great..$1500 max is where I am it really safe to buy speakers before hearing them matched to your amp, and playing different types of music?

Thanks for any head spins when I see all these models mentioned
@ Southside1

PSB Image T 45 & T 65 are great starter with your NAD.

DMC Electronics has good deals on the PSB Image T 45 & T 65. They match up really well with your NAD. Both NAD & PSB are owned by Lenbrook Industries so they sound very, very good together.

Dynaudio Audience 72, 52SE, 52 are very good speakers that also have good chemistry with your NAD. Or get a new pair of Dynaudio X 12 or X 16 and add a fast power sub and you are in business. Also if you can stretch your buget a little bit, I suggest you to go with a pair of used Dynaudio Focus 140 which is a lot of speaker for the $$$.

Totem Rainmaker is also a great speaker but a bit light on the bass side so you will need a decent power sub.

Paradigm Signature S2 is also a great speaker to consider.

My GF has a very nice 2 channel setup for both music listening & movie watching.

CD player NAD C 545BEE
Amp NAD C 372
Speakers Dynaudio DM 2/10
I really like the NAD & PSB pairing. I've owned different combos of them in the past and it was always a very synergistic pairing. As stated earlier both are owned by the same parent company, and I'd be very surprised if they didn't use each other's gear in development. With the pairing, each piece sounds better than it would have with other gear; they really get the most out of each other IMO.

I like the T55 best out of the Image towers. It has just enough bass to my ears. My only criticism of the Image towers is that they can get a touch dry every now and again.

I'm not a fan of NAD and Totem at all. There's been something that just sounds 'off' to my ears. Totems are some of my favorite speakers, and NAD is my favorite stuff in their range, so it's pretty odd to me.

If not for PSB, Paradigm would be my preferred pairing.

I'm also a big fan of Focal's Chorus line. I've only heard the monitors, so I can't really comment on the towers, but I'd be very surprised if they didn't sound as good. NAD intergrateds and Focal Chorus monitors have always sondes great together to my ears.

You may be able to get Vandersteens in your price range. Excellent speakers. They're definitely a step up in quality over anything else I've mentioned. Haven't heard them with NAD, so take that as you will. I think they'll work well together, but I thought that about NAD & Totem too.
Polk Lsi 15s works great with the NAD C372 with all kinds of music at any volume level in my room/setup.
I happened to be auditioning NAD amps and some of the speakers mentioned above this week - I think Hieule 5 and Kbakamian are barking up the right trees. What I heard that sounded good with NAD:

-Paradigm Monitor 9 ( I liked the Paradigm SE in this pairing, but not as much as the Monitor's, which surprised me).

-Paradigm Signature towers (over your budget but much preferable to Studio line with NAD IMHO).

-PSB's new Imagine series - Bookshelf's in range plus decent PSB sub (not as crazy about the Image series compared with these others, just not as much there, there. The Imagine towers are every bit as good sounding to me as reviews suggest, but two grand new).

-Vandersteen 1c or 2ce Signature (later would need to be purchased used to come in under budget - fantastic speakers). I heard the 1c driven by NAD's little 315 and was shocked at how good they sounded.

-Used Dynaudio Focus 140 would be terrific as well.

-Will add one other speaker to list - B&W CM5, relatively new large stand mount, very good match with C372 in this price range.

I heard the Totem Rainmakers and Arros with a relatively modest Rotel integrated and they sounded great as usual, but didn't hear with NAD and can't remember how that pairing sounds. Suggest you heed advice given above RE Totems.
I have paired NHT's with NAD (272 and now a 275) and they work well together. NHT is having a sale on their website, 18% off of everything. NHT classic 3's (which I own) are normally 700 and the NHT 4's are normally 1500. Nice chance to get a good deal on some very good speakers.
I have used a 372 with BW 705's. Put a little Sunfire
sub out from the pre-outs in the back. Really cool.

I have had quite a bit of NAD equipment over the years.
The pre-outs on the back are as good as the most expensive pieces I have owned.

I also agree with the PSB matching. Cannot beat it for the money.

I either use NAD or Mcintosh now. DEPENDS on how much wallet bleeding I am in the mood for.