Best speakers match for BAT VK75 SE

Hello all;
I am waiting for my new BAT VK75 SE amplifier and I need your help.
Looking for best speakers to match this amp.
Rest of my system is Wadia 860x, two Audio Tekne power conditioners,
all wired by FMS Nexus cables. Room dimensions are 15' by 14' and speakers
should perform well with all kinds of music.
All your suggestions will be very appreciated.

Thanks, Jack.
Jack: What price range are you looking to saty within? What type of music do you listen to? What are the dimensions of your room?
I'd put the Wilson Sophia and the audio physic Virgo's and avanti's on the list. I'm using Watt/Puppy 6's with my 75se but they might be to much for your room. If the room works then...wp6's top choice.
My room dimensions are: 15' x 14' and I listen to:
Rock 60% and Folk & Jazz 40%.
Looking for speaker in 5-6k range.
I used the VK150SEs with the 860x and I got good results with either the Silverline Sonatas or the Dunlavy SC 4s.

The Dunlavys are very good all around performers without really calling attention to any part of the spectrum, not the last word in absolute excitment, but true to the music and very easy to listen to at length. Your room might be a little small for the Dunlavy 4s though.

The Silverline Sonatas are much more exciting with a more 3D sounstage and better imaging, but I was always bothered by a midbass hump and a slightly bright treble in my room. The newest version of the Silverline Sonata might be the ticket.

I did quite a lot of cable testing with this system and found that I liked Acoustic Zen the best. I never did try FMS however.
Silverline speakers are perfect for your amp.
New Silverline Sonata or if you want to buy used, Silverline La Folia (MSRP $8,000) is in your price range which i prefer more than the Sonata's.

Good luck.
I used this amp with a pair of Wilson Watt3/Puppy2 speakers with excellent results. It replaced a Krell KST-100 amp. The sound has a warm presentation ultra wide sound stage and much better bass than my Krell. When I rehooked my Krell amp, I could not believe the difference there was in the sound in terms of sound stage, dynamic range and "quality" bass! The Krell sounded lean in comparison. As you know Wilson speakers are very hard to match with a lot of amps. But works very well with the BAT VK-75SE.
Hey guys;
Thank you so much for all responds.
Did anyone try BAT with S.F Cremona,
Kharma Ceramique or Verity Audio speakers?
Please, let me know.