Best speakers match for Audio Research VT100MKII

Here is a broad question but I thought I would post it and see what everyone has to say: I have been upgrading my system this year but my final quest is still for the right speaker.
I have an ARC VT100MKII (100watts per ch) paired with a LS25MKII and CD3MKII. Transparent super Bi-Cable with Transparent Bal IC's and power cable. I tried the Vandersteen 3A sig, just didn't work in my room. Considering the B&W 804D's, but concerned that I do not have enough power. I don't listen at extreme volumes but I don't want hear the amp strain or run out of headroom. Currently using my old Martin Logan Aeons which sound great but looking for a bit "bigger" sound and more more on par with the rest of gear.
Thank you