best speakers for wyred 4sound sti- 500

what speakers would match well with a wired4sound sti-500?
Honestly, just about any speaker will match well. Pick something that sounds good to you.
Never understand when folsk don't get the hook in them for a speaker and then pick and amp that compliments them.Depends on if you like the "dry" sound of Class D.You didn't mention price but you have a good amp that was a value for watts per $$$.It's also hard because you didn't mention type of music you listen to,what levels if your into bass etc.But what requires power that you have and will reveal it and is a bargain is Maggie 1.6.if you want a speaker that requires some power and can afford it that is warm and forgiving I would say the B&W 803S.But you give so little information about music taste,what you have heard and like,size of room and volume etc.It's like asking "I have to take a trip.How should I get their".How far?How fast?Maybe you want bicycle maybe you are in for 22 hour flight.Maybe you can't fly because of phobia but need a coast to coast train.Give some info.I'll bet if you ask Wally Liederman he would say Emerald 2.3 which only needs one amp and is small enough to fit in many rooms the larger ones won't and he sells/distributes both products.
Chazzbo... yeah, all class D amps sound "dry" is like saying all tube amps are "romantic, noisy, and not very resolving," and that all conventional solid-state amps sound "bright." Also, the statement does not take into account that when you optimize a system for a particular amplifier it puts all other amp candidates at a disadvantage.

At any rate, the W4S STI-500 is an excellent, detailed and musical amplifier that can mate well with almost any speaker as it is very neutral and has great speaker control and drive capabilities. The Maggie 1.6 and the Emerald Physics 2.3 are valid candidates and there are many, many, more.

Rousosd I would suggest picking the speaker based on your room size, desired volume level, musical taste, and listening bias. Of course, as Chazzbo said, we have none of that information... To offer another analogy, it's like asking which fruit taste's better -- apples, oranges, blueberries, or watermelon?
Emerald Physics + Wyred 4 Sound is an excellent match, talk to Walter @ Underwood HiFi. Martin Logan/Magnepan also works well with class D.
I recently heard a pair of Acoustic Zen Crescendos hooked up to a W4S STI-500 and thought it was an excellent match.
Almost anything will work well. The world is your oyster....
I have the Red Dragon D amps and they have worked very well with Tannoy Ardens, Merlin TSMMMx, and Ref 3A Grand Veena.

Your amps should be able drive just about any speaker even the most high efficiency types.
My amps are dead silent, no buzzing or power noise thru the speakers, so even high efficiency speakers should be contemplated for the Wyred's also.
Thanks for all the imput. This is my first time posting a thread and I understand the error of my ways! The room size is about 17x16 with an open corner. I like many different musical genres. I like it fairly loud,as if the band set up in my space.I spoke to Walter lieberman at underwood hifi and I'm considering the emerald physics cs-3's. Am also considering totem forest,and salk songtower qwt's.Space is somewhat of and issue so I think the maggies would be to imposing.Again I thank everyone for their thoughts. Rousosd (DAVE) PS; my budget is under 3000
Sorry for botching your name Mr. Liederman It won't happen again Wally
"I like many different musical genres. I like it fairly loud,as if the band set up in my space."

A little different, but practically OHM Walsh omnis do this better than most anything else IMHO and this is one of the biggest reasons I've stuck with them for 30 years.
Have to agree with Mapman... The Ohms sound very, very good with Wyred amps. I currently have a pair of the Ohm 2000s and an ST-500 in a secondary system. Great, musical match.