Best speakers for Vintage Marantz 2220B?

Hi, I recently got a vinatge Marantz 2220B receiver (2 channels, 20W per channel RMS at 8 ohms; 10-50KHz) I'm looking to connect a CD player and an iPod (through a digital dock with a DAC) I would like to get a decent pair of speakers but my budget is very limited, so I'm looking at the following options for speakers (all under or close to $300 USD):

- Klipsch B-20 - Bookshelf
- Polk Audio TSi300 - Bookshelf
- Inifity P163 - Bookshelf
- Klipsch F-10 - Floor

Any ideas for the best match to my Marantz? I will use it mainly for Classical but also some rock & jazz.

Thanks a lot for your help!