best speakers for tubed sacd 5.1

I am building a multi-channel sacd system .so far I have a sony xa 777es sacd player and only using the two channel with vtl 5.5 preamp biamping b&w nautilus 802s with a classe ss ca300 on the bottom and a vtl st150 on the top.Sounds Great but i want more. so i bought a conrad johnson 75a and a sony tap 9000 es for direct analog pass-thru now i still need a htm1 ,4000asw sub and some rear speakers. Its starting to get a little expensive and im looking for help .Does anybody have had any experience matching 802s with a surround system from one of the other lines or will there be too much difference in the drivers? .I a plan on useing a either a mono block for the center or the 75a with the mono switch on in witch case i still need a tube amp for the rears or upgrade my fronts with some monos put the st 150 in the rear this is for dvd audio and sacd only. Thanks
Your set up deserves better Sources than Sony.
for mutli channel the 777 has a seperate dac for each channel and the 9000 is just a volume control.I dont want to commit serious money to sacd untill its the proven winner.and i may not even like multi- channel. since sony and phillips invented sacd and alot of other companies use their technology i can get the top of the line multi channel 777 and have the parts upgraded if sacd becomes the dominant format.If sacd fails i can still use the rest as a ht.
My next investement will be a phono stage, table,arm and cartridge and it wont be sony. But first i want to get this surround right but dont want to spend another 10k on the speakers in case im not happy with the sound.Any suggestions?Would matrix or cdm sound good with the 802nS?Thanks