BEST Speakers for the BANG around 2K


I am looking for a pair of full range speakers around
2K. My system consist of ML 331, Proceed Amp3, ML
37, and ML 36s.

Thanks, for the Help
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PAradigm Studio 100v2. You could also look for used speakers...
......used, and if you like a bit warm and forgiving, Vandersteen 3A (or 3Asig), or PSB Stratus Golds can be had for under $2K. These speakers will easily show the quality of your other components. Cheers. Craig
Soliloquy 6.3, I got mine for 1700 used. These are amazing loudspeakers. Deep powerful bass, but very detailed with plenty of "air". The overall tonal balance of them is the best that I have heard in this pricerange.
Dunlavy IV end of your speaker search
The VMPS RM 1 - I own the 40.
The Innersound Isis.
B&W 801II or III $2,000 or Energy Veritas 1.8s for $1,200!
magnepan 1.6R and a sub
Not knowing what your musical preferences are, here are a couple of my suggestions.

Neat Mystique ($1400 new)
Audio Physic Spark III ($1995 new)
Proac Response 1.5 ($1600 used)
Audio Physic Tempo ($1600 used)
Try to find used Tannoy D700, Thiel CS3.6.
One more for the mix:
Revel M-20
No question B & W 802 Matrix Series 3
or Paradigm Stidio 100 ver.2
von Schweikert VR-4's

I'm using a pair of Magnepan 1.6QR and a Rel Strata III
sub along with Levinson 37/360/ML-1/27.5 and it sounds
Martin Logan ReQuest would be my pick, but it really depends on the kind of music you listen to (planars don't do heavy metal well).
Vienna Acoustics -Mozart
After listening to ML, Magnepan, ProAc, B&W, PSB, Monitor, Paradigm, Ruark & Linn, my answer is Hales. (now used, of course).
I agree w/Ncarv, the Revel Performa M20's would do the trick.
Hey Ljgj well i'm waiting on the RM40's review. Tell it like it is honestly. How are the midribbons?
Thats easy... FOCAL6W4254 + FOCAL TLR(MTM design) A tad over $2K but maybe worth it.
The thread should read "best REALISTIC speaker..." some of the above would encounter problems.
Tweekerman - you once again are commenting on a setup you have never heard - be careful - these are still boxes . The ribbons are coming along nicely - a very clean yet natural soundstage with good depth. So far so good.
Tweekerman-How about a cross over on your focal set up? I don' think they would sound too good with out one, which would put you way over budget.

I have had a Focal Audiom 6W and Audiom TLR component set in my last car and I don't see what all the rave is?? fwiw cross overs cost around $800 for that pair-could have spent a lot more, but time and money were running low :(

Ljgj remember its not about the money BUT about research...looks like luck has come my way (for once) i was working on a kit design and hit a snag...hey Tireguy your post has been a BIG help to confirm to me NOT to go TLR inside word a few days ago not to go i'm set on the new high tech ribbon from the famous PHILIPS LABS the RT8P for better or worse that's my final. so now with a single FOCAL7W + RT8 + SUPERIOR XOVER + FOCAL 13KX sub...lets see...hummm...300+250+400+700=...yep made it ...under 2K...ooops + cabinets...guess i'll just have to use my good ol' solid built philips...and stay under Hchg888's limit
"Ljgj remember its not about the money BUT about research"

What 'it' is mostly about is first-hand knowledge, a far more powerful, precise and reliable tool than words on the internet. I do not care for claims without reference(on a few levels in this case), either. Looking at some of your incorrect statements on your vs. thread and unstable component praise, Tweekerman, I am not sure if even your research is sound enough to recommend anything yet. Nice to see an alternative view, though, especially a diy one at this site.
Ohlala , thanks for the compliment! yea alternative views open the mind to NEW ideas...however one may preceive the idea ...good for you or bad for you... it may prove to be of interest down the road...ESPECIALLY when buying speakers. Why especially concerning the speaker component? Lately i'm not impressed with ANY speaker offered in a 100 mile radius of my area... So instead of driving all over the country auditioning speakers (could go to the next CES show and solve all the extra miles) i hope to be informed AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE on this site but far more on another high tech speaker web site. what little i understand in the tech info helps FAR GREATER than the nimble reviews offered in the audio mags...and if your honest you'll agree with me..."first-hand knowledge": i've heard about 10 very popular labs products...ain't for me...some others i don't consider for inefficency, price, and size. The speakers that most concern me and that falls in the $2K category are monitors + sub and small towers + sub for average income budgets. The reason for this thread is that Hchg is fishing for alternatives to better his choices. Choices outside his city's area. I apologize if i come across as gun-ho...i get abit over-enthusiastic at times..and you are correct...nothing beats experience... You doubt if i could recommend anything yet...if you've got $8K buy the AUDIO AERO CAPITOLE or for alittle less the AUDIOMECA MEPHISTO for $1800 go with the same labs intro models. BTW my speaker research has paid off. Sure i had to be a pest to a few audiogeeks but i got solid answers...this is much prefered to the fluffy reviews in the audio mags. Hey we're all learning.. so pass on what you experience AND what you feel may be at least close to the "truth".. i'd like to hear about it.
Tweekerman- I agree with you about the audio mags, but I am sure they are mostly right(regardless what we believe-the speakers I currently own got a horrible review from Stereophile, yet I still bought them knowing this)

What I don't agree with is your powerful statements you make everytime you find a "new" product. A month ago you called anyone who didn't like Martin Logans foolish, then you went on to some sort of other ribbon/electrostat speaker, now the Raven tweeter is all the rave as is the simple answer to this question being focal drivers. Then there's all French electronics, which I won't even get into here. What I am trying to say(and don't take this the wrong way) is there are plenty of ways to achieve your audiophile goals(I doubt any two of us have even close system, yet most of us would say that they sound good and we are happy with them-does that make every one else wrong?) just because you "discover" a new brand or idea you didn't know before, doesn't mean its the best nor does it mean its a bad idea, just different. In short nothing in high end audio is easy.

Tireguy thanks for your understanding towards my at times overzealous interest in this wonderful hobby. What i meant about the electrostats is that...another time... anyway my research has led me to a product called a kit. I've never heard of this word before. Trust me you'll never hear of Kits in the mags...For me, maybe not for anyone else on audiogon but me..these kits offer another ALTERNATIVE to the "commercial" speakers offered in the local "hifi" shops. Most of us have access to audition about 10 to 15 speaker lines in our local area. so we may make our choice among these 15 lines. Not many of us have the opportunity to fly over at the CES show and listen to all the best. I sure hope everyone takes what i say with some humor(dull at best) but as well with interest in what i have to say on this OPEN forum. We're all here to learn and heck i've always read your posts with great interest. If Hchg likes little to none of what i say...thats his decision. And you're so right which ever component we chose over another there is a sacrifice somewhere. One digital player offers one quality that the other may not.(refer to Bwhites excellent review of 3 great digital players) So you're right whats nice sounding to me may not be the one for another's taste... I'll chill abit.
As long as your using top of the line electronics, i love the JM Labs from the Eletra 920.1 on up to the Utopia line. Everybody has different taste when it comes to sound though so my suggestion would be to listen and compare different brands and price ranges to see what your ears prefer. One thing i have found is just because a speaker cost alot doesn't mean it will sound good. Good luck
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