Best speakers for Pathos Classic One MKIII ?

Up to $8000.I have Kubala Sosna Emotion cables and AMR CD-777.
I have a Mark II that I use with SF Cremonas (which are usually happiest with some grunt behind them). The amp will work well with a huge variety of speakers - as long as they're not crazy ampere sponges. It's more powerful than the rating indicates. I've also used the Pathos with my Verity P/Es (not a real easy load), and my Merlin VSMs (very easy tube friendly design) as well as a couple of other speakers - all worked well. I like the Cremona match because, along with my Pathos Digit it makes for one fine sounding, great looking, all Italian system.

More good news - the amp is small enough that you can bring it along to audition. This will be useful in identifying bad marriages.

Good Luck

Nobody can tell you what to buy. Use your ears. What sounds good to you
I promise you there will be plenty to tell you they sound like crap.
Joe is right but matching a $1500 great value amp to $8K speakers might be mismatch in funds.But Joe is right.Brit sound?Like Harbeth?Merlin is fine speaker though MM is tube oriented and latest MX is said to be SS.You have enough power.Verity is great but you pay for the quality.Having sold highly marketed gear like Krell and B&W I am into value gear (Zu,Gallo and more so Totem (Forests or Winds) and Usher at all points are high bang for buck).And remember if you spent $5K on new or used speakers you could get a second Pathos II and have it modded for mono and run both for a really healthy 170 wpc.You have to narrow it down as it is the final and most important transducer and interacts with your room etc.But again with that budget are you sure you don't want to get a good SS amp nd good tube pre that will sound better?No matter what go forth read and then demo.