Best speakers for Pass X150


Please help me to choose the best speakers for my Pass X150.
Mostly I listen to natural music (jazz, classical and pop-rock).
I would like some high resolution speakers with deep imagining but without excessively bright sound.
What You think about ML Ascent maching with Pass X150, is someone heard Pass X series with ML speakers?
All comments and suggestions are welcome.

The prize range is up to $ 3000 (used).

My simple system:

Marantz CD17MKII (connected straight to Pass X150)

Not that I have tried everything but I've got some Von Schweikert VR2s hooked up to mine. I have compared them favorably to B&W Nautilus 805 and 804 as well as the ML Aerius i.
Although not familiar with the specific models, I have found the times I've listened to Martin Logans, they've been a bit bright in the upper midrange. I have not noticed this with the Magnepan 1.6QR, so you might consider them if you want planars and are concerned about brightness.
Thanks for all responses. And please all pass x amps owners and people who have experience with these please add Your seakes recommendations.
I would like to ask Dlwask about Von Schweikert speakers. Von Schweikert VR-4jr (used) also fit to my budget, maybe this is better choice or do these need more power than X150 can give. I think Von Schweikert makes some really special speakers and I relly like to buy a pair of Von Schweikert VR-4jr but I am worried about the X150 power. Can X150 really open up the VR-4jr?
Also intresting seakers for me are Aurum Cantus and Usher. Are someone listened some of these with pass x amp?
How Aurum Cantus and Usher compare to Von Schweikert.
Super imagining and realism are my prioritys.