Best speakers for PASS Aleph and SONY CD?


Source: SONY SCD-XA777ES

Pre-amplifier: PASS Aleph P
Power amp 1: PASS Aleph 3 (HF)
Power amp 2: PASS Aleph 0s (LF)

- The amps would be used in bi-amp configuration. Both have 20dB gain.
- The Aleph 0s has a lot of current and drives well hard difficult woofers.
- Room is small-mid sized, but plan to move to larger one in two years. So, the speakers would have to result well in small-mid to mid-large rooms.
- A sub-woofer is not in consideration.
- Music: Jazz (70%) and rock (30%).

Suggestions? Thank you!
How about these?

- Monitor Audio GR60
- Audiovector MI 3 Signature
- B&W 703
- Cabasse Sloop 500
- Proac Response 1SC

Observations: Midrange must be superb. Extension is also important.
Budget ?
Up to $5000.
$3000 would the ideal price.
If you like Jazz and own Pass, please consider Avalon speakers. I own a Pass X250 with a pair of Avalon Eclipses Classic, Jazz just shines !!!