Best speakers for Parasound HCA-1000A power amp?

Which speakers have you used with Parasound HCA-1000A power amp?
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The room is 24 ft. long by 14.5 ft. wide with the speakers located along the short wall. Half one 24 ft. side is open to the kitchen and a corridor. There are two windows, 6 ft. long, in the other 24 ft. wall. Concrete slabs with glued floor wood parket. Room is living/dining
8 ft. high ceiling.
Parasound are very fast and revealing amps. As such, they are often described as bright sounding amps. Stick to darker sounding speakers. Avoid horns, metal dome, and be wary of some silk domes. Stick to fabric dome tweeters. A lot of British speakers are laid back and should fit the bill. Also stick to darker sounding interconnects/speaker cables ie non-silver coated, flatlines, etc.
No simple answer to that one. I have used prasound Hca 2200, Hca 1200 and now own a hca1000. I love them with my Untiy audio signature ones, great match, but probably really hard to find. Good luck with your matching