Best speakers for Opera.


Can you recomment the best speakers to listen to Opera?

price range about $3000.

How about Opera loudspeakers by Opera audio from Italy?
The Quintas are exceptional at $3000/pair.
Rogers LS3/5As are still one of the very best for voice reproduction. They were specifically designed and voiced for the human voice. And yes, I know they are not $3,000.
Quad ESL any model...
Headphones are best for opera {for everyone else}.
I'd vote for the Quads, too. You'll often see older
ESL57's (my favorite) and ESL63's here and on ebay for
well under $3000 - more like $1200 - $1500. You can get
fully restored 57's as well, still under $3K.

Rwwear - laughing loudly here.
Hi there I was at the show last week and heard a pair of speakers in which I had them play a cd of my favorite opera cd they really did a good job, the speakers are bosendorfer. They go for $12,000.