Best speakers for my MC225 under $2000

Hi guys -

I want to replace my KLH Model Seventeens with something a notch above. Under $2000 new or used.

I would like to stay in the same physical size range as the KLHs but maybe a little larger 24" x 13"

I want something that will play well with my Mcintish MX110x/MC225 combo. I listen to only vinyl with a Grado Reference cart. I want lush mids and a great soundstage.

Music: Classic rock to Jazz

Any suggestions? :)
spendor 2/ be had used but mint in this price range. a perfect fit in both size and it matches well with the classic mac.
thanks ill check those out. any other suggestions?
Spendor 2/2 actually better and may be cheaper. I have a pair I bought several years ago on here for less than 1K.
right now there are some vienna Mozart and Bach units for sale in your range in the classifieds. I noted some dynaudio contour 2 units that look nice. both of these are pretty nice all around units. I also saw some Dali Helicon 400 MKii speakers in the ads. I've not heard these but I understand that they are very nice. Another option might be ERA D14's. I bought a set of these and they are very good in my opinion for lots of music. most interesting might be the Dali's given their rep.
Heritage Klipsch have a special synergy with McIntosh. 
Have you tweaked the amp to have a certain sound ?