Best speakers for my integrated amplifie

Hi guys! Have you ever listened to the Musical Fidelity A300 intergrated (150 wpc)? If so, what speakers (floor standing) under $3000 would you recommend me to get a full bodied sound that fills my room with this amp? I also own the Musical Fidelity A3CD player which plays large orchestral music (Mahler,Bruckner,etc..) most of my free times. A good deep bass is very important to me for this kind of music. Any suggestions?? Thanks guys!!
Infinity IL60. They list for $3000, but you can get them for around $2000 online if you look. Say what you will about the *new* infinity I have heard these speakers and they sound great to me. Each tower has it's own 12" 500 watt powered sub. And with the Bass management system you can taylor your sound for your room. Worth a listen at least.
I own many Musical Fidelity pieces, and I would look at PSB Gold-i which lists new well under $3000 and is heavily discounted because of currency difference between US and Canada. Has powerful deep bass, the 150 watt A300 should have the muscle to drive these speakers, although 200 watt + amp is even better. Gloss black finish is beautiful.

You can buy used here but these are very heavy, and would be best to pick-up if bought used. has many reviews of this speaker by satisfied owners, check them out.
I'd give Rurak speakers a try. I'm currently enjoying a recently discontinued model , the Talisman II. Excellent value and sound--$1750 new.
Pardon me, that's Ruark!
I like previous recommendations, but i also wouldn't disregard Vandersteen 3a's. Full sound, great bass and all!

There's a speaker for every budget...
I had MF A300 driving Maggie 1.6QR with REL Storm sub, it was amazing.