Best Speakers for Musical Fidelity TriVista?

I have a Musical Fidelity Trivista with an Arcam FMJ23(T). My Paradigm Reference 20v2s just aren't cutting it for me any more, and there are so many options out there that I would really appreciate some suggestions from you members. I have an average size room, and am not really interested in finding the speaker with ultra-deep capability as I would rather spend the money on detail, timbreal accuracy, as well as soundstage and can always hook-up my Velodyne if I miss the lows too much. Any suggestions for monitors in the $2-4k range would be greatly appreciated, and I thank you in advance...
The Spendor SP1/2e and SP2/3e go well with my Berning amps, but I do not know how they would play with your amp. I have listened to a number of speakers, and these are the most satisfying speakers I've found. Their biggest limitations are loudness and deep bass. The minor deficiencies in those areas are more than made up by the fabulous midrange. I love the music they make.
I think the best thing is to dump all MF gear and change to other brand. With the money spend, you can get a decent used ML system.
You may want to check out something that uses ribbons for the mid/highs.
Given the priorities that you have stated, I think you should consider the Wilson Benesch ARCs. They're the finest monitors I've ever heard or owned. The constuction is beautiful, and they will play louder and deeper than one would typically expect from a monitor.
If you get a Transmission line speaker you can actually get a more accurate and deep bass with much less bloat and coloration than in many of the monitor speakers. With ported speakers the port is tuned to a frequency which it reinforces. Bad ones have that tell tale mid bass boost and some better ones sound more natural but the bass is limited by the resonant frequency of the driver. The transmission line can give you actual deeper response without the expense of coloration etc..

I am using the JTM's from with the Jordan drivers and they are the most accurate and musical speaker that I have heard at any price. I have had their JSM monitor at home as well which sounded fantastic as well but with just a hair less bass extension. I went with the floorstander and saved money on stands.

They are flat to 20k and have good bass probably down below 40hz and have the most coherent sound. As far as detail, timbral accuracy, and soundstage I have heard no better. Images float between the speakers.

I can't thank you enough. Your input has been very insightful, and to be honest, possesses so much potential that I now relish the research that remains. Please keep it coming, and again, thank you very much...
Spendor speakers match up really well with Musical Fidelity gear.