Best speakers for max. $3000?

  I would like to upgrade to some new speakers and I might have a maximum of $3000 to spend if all goes well.
I don't care if they are new or used but my real world experience is limited so I am asking the experts!   I know it is subjective.
  I have Mirage OM-7s now with a HSU sub.  My amp is a Bryston 100B SST.  
Also, I have a chance to buy a set of Thiel CS 2.4s. I plan to try them.   Thanks for any advice!
It appears that only one person has actually addressed your original question. Responding to it, plus a few other things as follows:

1) It is likely your speakers causing the fatigue. The OM7 have an upward tilt in the higher frequencies and reviews them commented about them having some glare.

2) Your room could be contributing to the glare. I always suggest treating the first reflection points (free information on GIK Acoustics site and they will make recommendations for your room for free and have great products at good prices).

3) You need to decide what speaker type speaks to you. Your current speakers are a bipolar design. If you like the more diffuse sound they bring, a dipolar Magnepan may fill your need. My reluctance for you with a Magnapan is that your amp may not have enough power depending on your volume levels. The LRS is an amazing value and would leave a lot of money in your pocket. People tend to love or hate bipolar and dipolar speakers. They do some things well, others not so much. I have large Magnepans and love them, but that doesn’t make them correct for you.

4) Some have suggest horns. Horns have amazing dynamics but sacrifice in other areas. You have to listen to some (Klipsch being most he most common brand and well developed) and decide if they fit your likes. Again, they tend to be love it or hate them.

5) Monopolar dynamic speakers are the most common design. Different manufactures have different philosophies about what is most important in design and what they are willing to trade off (i.e. phase coherence, efficiency, bass extension, off axis response characteristics, cabinet design, tonal balance, etc.). Again, you have to pick what you find important. The Thiel you propose are great speakers, with my only concern being parts availability as Thiel is gone. The Vandersteen 2CE Sig 2 are another excellent suggestion, as are the suggestions of Ascent Acoustics and Salk Sound. The used suggestion of Aerials or Revels are also great.

6) I would not allocate money towards a subwoofer right now as some are suggesting. You indicate you have a Hsu subwoofer, and even their older Sonotube based subs (Like the 1220) were good sounding.
Many good suggestions here. Do suggest you consider room size, type of music that you listen to most of the time and distance from the wall be the speaker as suggested earlier by another audiophile. I think the Monitor Audio Gold 100 with Monitor Audio Stands are worthy of consideration.
Thanks so much for all of the information and taking the time to respond!  I tried the Thiels but they seemed a bit harsh with my amp at least.
I have a line on a set of SpatialM3 Turbo S speakers which seem to be loved by many. 
   Got some thinking to do.  I'm not complaining by the way!
If you are interested in the Revel F 206 or 208, then check out the (11/18/13) article by Brent Butterworth. It will pop up on a Google or Bing search.

He picked the smaller F 206 because he already had a HSU subwoofer (VTF - 15H), because he felt that was a better match.
I have the Aria 926 in one system and Tannoy Revolution XT8s in the other. Both are great, but the Tannoy's are a little bit more lively and definitely have better bass. I paid $2388 for the Aria 926's in faux Walnut and got even a better deal on the Gloss White Tannoys. Both are great speakers for the price range.