Best speakers for max. $3000?

  I would like to upgrade to some new speakers and I might have a maximum of $3000 to spend if all goes well.
I don't care if they are new or used but my real world experience is limited so I am asking the experts!   I know it is subjective.
  I have Mirage OM-7s now with a HSU sub.  My amp is a Bryston 100B SST.  
Also, I have a chance to buy a set of Thiel CS 2.4s. I plan to try them.   Thanks for any advice!
Philharmonic speakers are outstanding also Maggie 1.7i with a sub but everyone is going to have different ideas best to listen yourself. Depending on where you live get out to the stores and trying to get an audition in someone's home is also an option. Good luck happy listening.
Many thanks for all the opinions!  I've really only heard a few speakers so I am glad to hear from all of you who have experienced other types. 
Tekton Double Impacts are the speaker to beat for 3k IMO. Other nice stuff in that range but nothing full range that comes close. 
I concur with the Golden Ear Triton 1's comment, and just purchased a set NEW for $3500 (Dealer closing out stock, to focus on new T-Ref's). Had I not found those (at that price), I was going to spring for the Tekton Double Impact's.

Happy hunting!