Best speakers for Linn Classik ???

I just bought a used Linn Classik and now I need
speakers. I am leaning towards the Linn Ninka but
wanted to ask if there is a better sounding speaker
to mate with the Classik. The Classik has low power
so the speaker has to be effiecent. The speaker
doesn't have to be Linn either..

I wouldn't go with the Ninkas as they require more power than the classic will put out. Sure, it would work but there are more satisfiying speakers to be had. Now, if your goal is to add another amp and go Aktiv then your intitial choice would be okay. I would look at monitors like the linn Kan, Tukan or one of the many LS35A's such as the Rogers. LS35A monitors on good stands are glorious and do the disappearing act easily like nothing else I've ever heard.
I have a Classik-K and use Dynaudio's 52-SE with great results. I have tried the Katans in a medium sized room but found the bass too lean. You can't go aktive with a Classik unless you buy two amps or a multichannel one. The Classik won't take Aktive Cards for the internal amp. I have heard the Classik with B & W's CM-2 and Paradigm's
Studio 20. Both are good options.
I agree the Ninka will not play loud with the classik
but it does sound good together. The smaller Linn
monitor speakers are so lean in the bass that I ruled
them out.
I have a slightly different set up now having gone aktiv, but I was initially running Linn Katans from a single Linn LK85 and before that a rotel integrated. I auditioned several monitors including B&W and Dynadudio and to my ear, although leaner on the bass (more in regards to that later), the Katan sounded better, more energetic, greater definition and fantastic highs. I went with the Katans because they took up less room than the Ninka but where also at a great price point. I eventually augmented the lows with a REL sub (Q108E) something I wished that I had done earlier after discovering just how much the sound came alive after doing so. I would strongly recommend going with the Katans augmented with a good sub with the intent of eventually going akitv.
I went aktiv several months ago and was astounded by the improvement in sound quality. The little katans now outperform anything I have heard in that price range and I plan on keeping what was one of my first purchase into “high” end gear for much longer. There is something about matching Linn with Linn that just works
What are you talking about? I have Classik with Ninkas and it's plenty loud. It's a really good combo. Mine are in a pretty decent sized room, too, and I listen to a fair amount of music that sounds good at volume (reggae, rock, orchestral). Of course more power would likely yield some improvements, but if you can get a pair of Ninkas for a good price, you won't be sorry. I've used this combo for near two years, in two homes, so it's been tested.

I have a Ninka/Classik setup (using K400 to bi-wire) and I am satisfied with the results. No problem with achieving high volume levels. Dynamic, detailed yet smooth performance. My wife likes the simplicity and cleanliness of the overall setup. Not a fan of subwoofers in music systems. So for me, a more full range floorstanding speaker was the only way to go.

The downside to the combo is that the Classik does not bring out the real potential of the Ninkas, particularly in the control of bass notes. There is just not enough current from the Classik for larger speakers, and you will eventually want to upgrade to bi-amp or aktiv using LK85/140's. However, think having a pair of speakers that will improve with every upgrade from the Classik is good problem to have.

Had Index II's before the Ninkas. Linn equipment has synergy together -- same for systems from Rega or Meridian. If not going with Ninka's, think you should stay within Linn (Kan III, Tukan, Katan, etc...).
Try xavian xn125 (I or II)!

They sound very smooth and have a very tight and defined bass for such small monitors. Posititioning correctly however is rather fiddly.