Best speakers for Hegel h-100 amp

I'm using a Hegel h-100 amp with Hegel cdp2a cd and transparent audio super mm2 interconnect and speaker wire and I'm in the market for new speakers. Any suggestions in the 2000-5000 range. I mainly listen to program rock - Radiohead, Tool, Pink Floyd and Jonny Greenwood classical stuff. My current speakers are bw n804
How do you like your current setup? I was contemplating a Hegel 100 or 200; I am currently using Mcintosh and B&W, or Sonus Faber w/ excellent results,
I am using the H100 with the Bryston BDP-1 digital player then to the Bryston BDA-1 DAC. These are running into a pair of Totem Hawks with Nordost Leif series cables running throughout. The sound I get from this combo is astounding!
I am using h100 with System audio SA2k, great synergy iam using AZ cables Satori.
looking for a DAC that sound better that the one built in.
Rackman 1073,what kind of Nordost Leif's are you using(Red Dawn,Blue Heavens's)? I heard the Totem Hawks with higher end Hegel equipment at RMAF and it was incredible. The cabling was also Nordost but I think they were the super expensdive Odin's. I bought some Hawks and am now looking to team it up with Hegel equipment and Nordost also.
I have tried Hegel with many, many speakers (Totem, Revel, GoldenEar, PSB), but the best synergy I've found is with Amphion from Finland--especially their Argon series (Argon1, Argon3, Argon7L). These work so well together that it seems they were designed for each other: the Amphions showcase the benefits of Hegel's SoundEngine amp design better than any speaker I've heard, and the Hegel elevates the sound of the Amphion (which is already superlative) to levels of resolution and transparency that rivals anything I've heard. Simply a wonderful pairing.
Thanks for the info! I think I might have to go out this week and give a listen.

Actually, Hegel does use Amphion speakers in their research and development so it's no surprise that they have great synergy. I own the Argon7L and am looking to purchase a Hegel H300.