Best speakers for classical music 2k ?

I'm planning to purchase a Hifi system. I listen almost exclusively to classical music. I'm thinking about spending between $3k and $5k. What kind of system (CD player, amplifier, speakers) would you recommend? I think speakers are key. Which ones should I check out? I'm in the UK, but could possibly buy in Germany. Any good Hifi store in London? Thanks,

For speakers PMC TB-1 or Dynaudio Contour 1.3 $1000-1500

For CD Musical Fidelity A3cd $800-1000

For power: Musical Fidelity A300 Integrated Amp $1200-1500 (they make separates, which I recommend over the integrated, but it will double your cost)

If you want floorstanding speakers go for the Dynaudio 1.8. I think all of this stuff except Dynaudio is manufactured in the UK. You can probably find all of it used on this site somewhere and save yourself about a thousand. However, I recommend you listen to as many brands and combinations as possible before you buy.
For "classical" one kind of speakers will always outperform dynamic speakers, and that is HORN design! Check Edrgarhorns, Beauhorns or even Carfrae. I am not sure if it was last issue of Hi-Fi+, there is a extensive review on Edgarhorn Virtuosy. Good Luck!
best speakers in this price are the biro L/1. new about $1500, unbelievable imaging and clarity. our group has audiotned many and this is THE best speaker under $5000 BAR NONE! add a van alstine amp tube or solid state whatever your preference and this makes the best budget rear end in the businiess. this combo would also leave you $2500 for a front end. best wishes on your qwest.
In London or anywhere in the UK, go to Richer Sounds. They have several locations in London alone. The owner Julian Richer is a major player in Cambridge Audio. The Cambridge Audio D500SE is a very nice CD player for classical, and is cheaper Richer because no middleman distributor; probably about 200 British Pounds (List is $450US). B&W Speakers are great for classical. $2000 will get you a pair of floorstanding CDM-7NT, but for classical, I would probably opt a pair of the bookshelf CDM-1NT ($1200US) and get a pair of very very very good stands. The Nautilus 805 is $2000 new. You could get a used pair and once again get some very good stands like the Sound Anchors. Since we are shopping in the UK, for an amp take a look at one of the higher powered Creek integrated amps or Musical Fidelity.
I owned a pair of Castle Acoustics Isis speakers that worked very well with classical music (I preferred them to my old Rogers Ls3/5a's). They are UK based and you may want to check out their larger floorstanding speakers. Their is such a model reviewed (highly rated) at the HiFi Choice website that retails for only $800US. They have more expensive models as well. Both their US distributor and Castle (UK) themselves were a pleasure to deal with on several occasions. Linn also has a new line out.
"There", again.
For $5,000, I would guess that Alastair Gardner (Signals) at (get his email address and phone number and lots of information about speakers and components he carries) can put together a very good system for you including a pair of world-class Harbeth Compact 7 speakers.

His store is in Suffolk, a bit of a drive maybe, but well worth the time.
For classical listen to the Spendor 1/2 or 2/3. 1/2s occasionally show up on this site for $1200-$1600 with stands. 2/3s should be $900-$1200 on this site.
You should listen to Paulwp. The Harbeth C7 ES I have is pure, pure, pure. Signal will fix you up. Have fun.