Best speakers for Cary CAD-300se

I want full range sound from this 300B monoblocs ( eventually integra 300sei )
what speakers will be the best match for this amplifiers ?
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Audio Note AN-E should give you full range sound and could be driven quite easily.
Forget the AudioNote E. Way too expensive ($5000). Get the Klipsch Heresy III for less than $2K. A much better match for a SET 300B amp! Sensitivity of 99 db! I bought a pair of older Heresy's (Mk.1) to use with my SET 45 and 2A3 amps. The E's don't have high enough sensitivity to be practical for use with SET's. 
Ditto on the Heresy IIIs...get a couple of used RELs to go with it and yer done!
You might also want to consider the Klipsch Forte III's.
The JBL 4319 is another speaker to consider.