Best speakers for Canary Audio CA-301CA

I have a pair of B&W 683 (90db sens) being run by Canary Audio CA-301 AE (24 watt 300B push pull) with Canary C630 preamp.  I love the warm tube sound and timbre midrange, but considering a better matched speaker for this set up.  Any suggestions? 

Have just spotted the new Klipsch Forte III, would imagine these would really shine attached to the Canary tube Pre and Amp? 

I used old pair of Acoustic Research AR-9 with the CA-301.  No problem driving them. Great sound.
Reference 3a L' Integrale Speakers sound great on singled ended tube amps.
I heard these speakers at the 2001 Stereophile show and they sounded so articulate with a really good bass response.
Here's a pic of them.

Another speaker i like on singled ended tube amps are the 
Hyperion 938 speakers  or  Hyperion 968 speakers.
I'v been to 7 Hi Fi shows and heard these speakers at the shows.
The look like the Wilson Watt Puppy and sound very good. 
Hi Dan,
I have been thinking about the Hyperion 938 speakers. Saw a pair come up on I belive Audiogon recently. Did some research about the spiderless driver design. How did you like them from what you heard? I am not sure they are still in business though. The 938 is from around 2004.