Best Speakers for around $2000

I am looking to get into speakers after being spoiled with head-fi. I enjoy the sound signature of the Audeze LCD-2's if you are familiar with it. I like the warmth and clarity but in a speaker I am looking for good soundstaging as well.

I am going to be using an Eximus Dp-1 as a DAC and Pre and the Eximus S1 as the amp. (150WpC) I want to find moderately priced speakers to go with this setup. I listen to a plethora of music but have come to enjoy mostly jazz and classical as of late but I also like to mix in R&B and Hip Hop.

I know it sounds crazy to expect something that can cover all those bases in this price range but I know there are limitations going in. Thanks for your help in advance.

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I would disagree with the notion that Ohm's have been evolutionary. The original Ohms with true Walsh drivers were very different that today's Ohms, and to some, not in a good way.
If you've got an appropriate room, I'll give another nod to the Vandersteens.
Mapman, fair enough.
That's a really difficult room, what does the side w/o a wall open up to?
I'm guessing small speakers with limited bass output, narrow dispersion, that aren't too bright on axis, positioned with a rather high degree of toe in, and designed to be close to the wall behind them or with close listening position driver integration, might be the ticket. Putting some very absorbent material (heavy drapes?) on that large glass surface would be a very good idea.