Best Speakers for around $2000

I am looking to get into speakers after being spoiled with head-fi. I enjoy the sound signature of the Audeze LCD-2's if you are familiar with it. I like the warmth and clarity but in a speaker I am looking for good soundstaging as well.

I am going to be using an Eximus Dp-1 as a DAC and Pre and the Eximus S1 as the amp. (150WpC) I want to find moderately priced speakers to go with this setup. I listen to a plethora of music but have come to enjoy mostly jazz and classical as of late but I also like to mix in R&B and Hip Hop.

I know it sounds crazy to expect something that can cover all those bases in this price range but I know there are limitations going in. Thanks for your help in advance.

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Vandersteen 2Ce Signature II: gets you a fat helping of what high-end has to offer at a (relatively) affordable price.

"looking for good soundstaging "
Does that as well as any speaker I've heard regardless of price. Compared to the very best I've heard, the Vandies lack a bit of resolution and can't quite deliver the frequency extremes (especailly low end, not suprisingly). But they are *very* musical and there is nothing <$5000 I would trade them for and only a couple in the $10K range I think are better. The only caveats: not so great looking in your living room and they need a bit of room to sound their best.