Best Speakers for around $2000

I am looking to get into speakers after being spoiled with head-fi. I enjoy the sound signature of the Audeze LCD-2's if you are familiar with it. I like the warmth and clarity but in a speaker I am looking for good soundstaging as well.

I am going to be using an Eximus Dp-1 as a DAC and Pre and the Eximus S1 as the amp. (150WpC) I want to find moderately priced speakers to go with this setup. I listen to a plethora of music but have come to enjoy mostly jazz and classical as of late but I also like to mix in R&B and Hip Hop.

I know it sounds crazy to expect something that can cover all those bases in this price range but I know there are limitations going in. Thanks for your help in advance.

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For me, this is the high-end question to which the answer never changes!

(Obviously there are lots of choices out there, but these 3 have been around forever.)

Vandy 2.x has been my default $2k recommendation for +/- 35 years now.

The other 2 options have only been around for 25 years or so:

The Eminent Technology 8.x planar hybrid.

The Ohm acoustics (omnidirectional) $2K offering of the moment. Ohm changes the model designations more frequently, but IMHO these models are essentially evolutionary improvements to a base design, not unlike ET and Vandy.

Different ways to skin a cat, but all are excellent designs that off both high end performance and wide bandwidth. If you look at these three, it's hard to believe that you won't find at least one very appealing solution. At the end of the day, a lot of it will come down to personal preference for a forward firing, vs. dipole or omni design.

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I guess I should have said $2k (inflation adjusted) default recommendation. I think that the Vandy 2 was +/- $1200 when I first heard it ca. 1980.

Sounds like a difficult space.

I might be tempted go with Magnepan MMGs and a subwoofer in that room. There's a null in the output of the MMG at 90 degrees, so the tight sidewalls aren't quite such an issue and the sub will allow for some degree of bass smoothing via careful placement.

The Maggies are best placed a few feet from the front wall, but if that visual is too dominant, put 'em against the wall for casual use and only pull them out for critical listening.

A sub-controller like the Velodyne SMS-1 would probably be very useful in that space. The MMG is app $600/pr and the SMS-1 is $400. $1k will buy a very good sub, with some change back.