Best Speakers For Arcam HT Rig?

What is your opinion on either Vandersteen 2c's or Paradigm Studio 4's as front speakers when pairing with Arcam HT amp and DVD player? Would probably go with same brands for the rest of the speakers. Thanks.
consider the salk song towers for your home theatre

best bang per buck and very resolving
I've never heard the combos you list, but my brother has an Arcam pre-pro and amp for his HT, and he is very happy with his Totem speakers and James subwoofers (2).

You should stick to one brand for front, center and surround speakers, but the subwoofer can be another brand. I have Vandy 1Cs and the VCC-1 up front, and I picked up a used pair of 1Cs for surrounds. Having matching fronts and surrounds was a great move for my system.
Arcam HT amp? Do you mean Arcam receiver or Separates?
If the former, you sould consider sticking with higher sensitivity and efficiency designs, to keep dynamics up! I certainly wouldn't look at 85-86 db designs with a receiver, even though you WILL run them as "small" or 60-80hz cutt-off, which will help.
That said, I'd look at simple crossover or crossover-less designs, maybe horn or Dappolito configured speakers, speakers with active woofers, and other more efficient ht speaker offerings. Alot depends on acoutics and room setup however.
Sorry, it's a Arcam receiver.