Best speakers For ARC VT100MKII

Here is a broad question but I thought I would post it and see what everyone has to say: I have been upgrading my system this year but my final quest is still for the right speaker.
I have an ARC VT100MKII (100watts per ch) paired with a LS25MKII and CD3MKII. Transparent super Bi-Cable with Transparent Bal IC's and power cable. I tried the Vandersteen 3A sig, just didn't work in my room. Considering the B&W 804D's, but concerned that I do not have enough power. I don't listen at extreme volumes but I don't want hear the amp strain or run out of headroom. Currently using my old Martin Logan Aeons which sound great but looking for a bit "bigger" sound and more more on par with the rest of gear.
Thank you
I basically had the same electronics in my system for a time and they matched up particularly well with Dunlavy SC-5 speakers. The Dunlavys have been mfg discontinued for some time, but now represent one of the best resale values in all of high-end audio. The one catch is that the Dunlavys are large speakers and need some room to be at their best.
I heard this amplifier at a friend's home driving Soundlab M1's effortlessly.
We were all amazed. Later I heard the same speaker with various other amps but none seem to match as well though they had more power.
a pair of Proac 2.5 or 3.5 or 3.8 would be great with the VT100 ... what did you find lacking the the Vandy Sig 3's though?? might help to know in order to get recommendations
Two questions:

#1: Describe the sound or performance you are seeking, as different goals and objectives (likes/dislikes) will play a significant factor.

#2: Have you done anything to maximize the performance of your room? A properly treated room will have a huge impact. You have invested in some very good equipment which can provide excellent performance. But it can also sound really crappy if the room isn't any good.
I also have a VT100MkII. I have Acoustic Zen Adagios and the combination is fantastic.
First thank you for the responses. I have a few Auralex panels around the room as needed. Nothing too drastic. Room is aprox 14 x 20. I will change rooms in the near future. What I am looking for is a speaker:
#1 That is a good pairing with my amp (type and power).

#2 One that will work in a variety or places. I found the Vandy's to be a bit too placement sensitive for me. Especially regarding the bass response

#3 A full range floor stander that will have Detailed imaging, wide soundstage, liquid midrange, deep accurate bass response that is tight and punchy when it needs to be. I really like the imaging and midrange presenc the Martin Logans. But as I said I am looking for the next step up. I listened to the newer ones and didn't like them as well as they have powered bass and they all sound like a speaker with a powered sub (to me)

I heard the Wilson Watt Puppy's and really liked them, however still a bit out my price range, thats why I was looking at B&W 804d"s or 803d's but open to any suggestions
For some reason my previous posting would not let me keep typing or correct?? Anyway what I meant to conclude by saying I listen to mostly classic rock (Pinky Floyd to Steely Dan) I prefer the Mo-Fi Original master recordings to any new "re-mastered" release as they are all too compressed and "loud"

Thank you for your imput
Vdosc, the Wilson W/P speakers will produce the goals of your indicated #3 (though I wouldn't call their midrange liquid). However, they will fail in your #2 category above. For your size room, they would be a good pairing with this amp assuming you listen at "reasonable" sound levels - though still loud.

I have owned Wilson (Currently), B&W (formerly) and Martin Logan (Quests I believe and Aerius, both formerly). Of these, the Wilson and ML's will deliver the best soundstage, imaging, etc. . . But I understand your feeling about the bass/panel integration seeming a bit like a powered sub.

Other considerations (based on my ownership):
Thiel - great at #3, but not enough power.
Totem - very good at #3, pretty accomodating for #2 and depending on model safe with this amp (try Forrest or Hawks)
VS VR4JR - pretty good with your amp, somewhat accomodating (but need space behind) for placement, pretty solid overall for your #3 - but the bass can get sloppy based on placement
Gemme Katana (or other models) - very good with your amp, quite accomodating in terms of placement, very good for your #3 category (with the notation that the sound stage is more behind the speakers than in front of them). But these would be a good match with your amp
I owned B&W's in the past, but to be honest, I grew bored with their characteristics (not that they are bad, just not what I was seeking).

But again, any speaker is limited in its performance based on the phsyical room it is contained. You cannot get tight/accurate bass and good imaging in an acoustically bad room!
I'm hardly an expert, but I'll second the pairing of the ARC VT-100 Mk II with the Acoustic Zen Adagio. Really lovely.

I have a similar combination of componenta (see my system on line). The VT100MKII will sound great with a number of speakers. It matches well with the magnepans (1.7, 3.5, 3.6). The B&W 803D would also be a good match. My room is medium sized (15.5x26x8.5). I love the VT100NKII: great midrange, very dynamic and very good bass, with crystal clear treble.
I would second these:

Magnepan 3.6's or the new 3.7's. You can get a great deal on a used pair here on AudioGon. I'm not 100% sure how well the VT100 will drive the 3'6s - they like lots of current... but, it would be an interesting test.

A better choice I think would be one of the Wilson models; again, very good used ones can be had here on Audiogon and any of their lower level models would be an easy load and good match for the VT100...