Best speakers for amp

Hey folks,

I'm looking at upgrading speakers from my B&W DM601S2s. I currently run a NAD C370 with NAD C541 CD Player.

I'd like to keep my much do you think I should spend maximum on my speakers before I'd need a better amp? Are there any models you would recommend?

In upgrading, I'd like to improve the presence, imaging, and soundstaging, as well as enhancing the bass response.

Any examples of speakers used with this amp? I've thought about the higher end B&W models, such as the DM602S3 or CDM1NT. I've even considered the Nautilus 805s, but would I be wasting money?

Thank you for any help you can provide.
Why not try the Magnepan MMG's. I doubt you will find anything for 3 times the price that will even touch them. You can buy them direct and get 100% trade-up value if you ever want to go up the line. Your amp is a terrific match for it.
IMHO - I'd start at the front end 1st. Anybody else support this?
I don't believe you will yield much of a benefit if any from more expensive speakers being powered by your current amp and source. However, a better amp and CD will sound better through the speakers you have. Finally, what are you using for cables?
Right now I'm using IXOS 1114 RCA interconnects and Monster XPHP speaker cable.

Any recommendations on interconnect or speaker cable upgrades? I've considered van den Hul's D102 III Hybrid and QED Silver Anniversary.

Also, what amp and CD would you suggest, just out of curiousity?
Your system is very well matched/balanced as it is. I was just commenting that the speakers are not the limiting factor here. Your cable upgrades suggestions are also a good match for that level of equipment, so maybe you should start there. It you can borrow, try a few brands of interconnects. CD player performance tends to vary more than other components with different cables.

If you don't have one; then something like a Audio Power Pack II power conditioner will quiet the background some. Whatever power center you choose; get one that filters the digital separately from the other components.

Thanks for your help Sugarbrie,

Actually, the reason why I'm looking for new speakers is because I will also move into Home Theatre as a secondary thing, using my 601s as rears. I'm thinking of combining my B&Ws with a Marantz A/V receiver, but using the NAD to power my front speakers. Perhaps a small upgrade to the DM602S3s will do.

I'm planning on trying those interconnects and cables soon, as soon as I make that extra cash. :) Do you know where is a good place to purchase those? I've been looking at
I forgot to mention one thing...I would like to bi-amp as well (probably using the C270). In this case, would a more expensive speaker like the CDM1NTs be worth it?

Thank you again for all your help.
Better speakers can only hurt if they reveal shortcomings in your other gear. The CDM-1NT would be fine with your setup. Have you heard the new B&W 600 series 3?

In the past I have purchased Vandenhul new, directly from the US importer in New York state (see VDH website). There are some Agon dealers in the classifieds that sell them. Places like online have a good selection of cables. See there demo/clearance section too. Then there is The Cable Company ( and their companion site (

For wire, I'd try Acoustic Zen.
For speakers, look at

I would also recommend trying new amps first though. Not knocking NAD, but there is better out there.
If you were to venture into HT, I'd look into MIRAGE loud-
speakers. They are easy to drive, sound great with any SS
int. amp./receiver and have a wonderful soundstage.( The Stereo Trading Outlet is selling Mirage
790 loundspeaker for $495) The VDH D102 interconnect is an
excellent cable. I ordered mine through If I were to consider B&W CDM 1 NT/805's, I would most certainly look into a higher level of amplification. IMHO,
B&W's need a high quality tube amp/or warm SS amp to sound
I just upgraded to QED Silver Anniversary Bi-wire and VDH D102 III HB interconnects.

The difference is quite subtle, but is definitely there. I did a slow transition to both, and the D102 III HB definitely improved the high-frequency clarity and a little of the bass response. The Silver Anniversary opened up the sound a little afterward, separating the instruments a little better, exposing the mid-range more, and improving the bass response a little.

The end result generally is a more smooth, detailed, and open sound.

I am thinking of putting off any upgrades for at least half a year, because this hobby is getting expensive!
Okay, so yesterday I actually went to audition the 602S3, CDM1NT, and N805, with my own music (which varies from Classical to Opera to Jazz to Blues to Pop to Rock to R&B to Funk to Dance - pretty much everything). The salesman hooked it up to a Myryad MI 120 Amp, MCD 600 CD Player.

I know the equipment he used isn't in the same range as my NAD equipment, but I really enjoyed the N805s. The 602S3 definitely had more bass, but it was generally more cloudy than the 1NTs and 805. The 602S3 definitely lacked the huge soundstage that the 1NT and, even more, the 805s had. I also felt that the 1NT, although good in bass, was a little boomy in comparison to the 805s.

I felt that the 805s were essentially transparent, with fine, detailed bass, excellent mids, and amazing soundstaging. The CDM1NTs were good, but the 805s really shined.

Here's my situation. So, I found out that I am able to trade in my 601S2s full value to upgrade, but only once. I have 6 months left to do it before the offer runs out. I'm graduating from school, subletting for the summer, then moving into a new permanent place in late August. The salesman said I could borrow a pair during their slow times (which is earlier in the week), but by the time I move in, I'll be busy working on the weekdays (I travel weekly) and so I won't be able to audition them at home.

I could alternatively bring my kit in to audition with it too. At the moment, I am not willing to upgrade my amp and CDP for at least a year or so, as I am not fond of selling things.

What do you guys think about the 805s with my amp and CDP? I am not sure they are worth the extra $1400 I will be paying to upgrade. The 1NTs will cost $800 to upgrade, and the 602S3s will be $150 to upgrade. I am not considering floorstanders, as I feel the sound is much less focused in these units.

Thanks for any help you can provide!
No advice to give as I have not hear any of the speakers listed...can say this: Take it slow and have fun with it. The worse thing that can happen by waiting, is the price will drop eventually:)

Trust your ears!!
If you are not going to upgrade your amp or cdp, you'll be wasting some of your money with a speaker upgrade. You will be a wasting a lot with the 805s. They sound good in the store because $3k of electronics were telling them what to do. I have $1700 speakers, that are more forgiving/less resolving than the 805s. I have $2900 worth of electronics need to be upgraded long before i will consider changing speakers. Take your rig over and check it out, but the best you can do while staying with B&W is to upgrade to the CDMs and use the extra that you would have spent on the 805s to upgrade the CDP.
Ohlala, after a couple of days of sitting on it, this is my conclusion as well.

I am not even sure about moving to the CDM1NTs, which would cost me at least $700 to upgrade to. I have done some research and reading, and found that I will definitely need a better CDP and Amp to make the speakers worth it. I've decided I'm not really willing to spend $2000 right now, even in a CDP and CDM1NT upgrade. Small increments is the way to go.

So, I will look at the 602S3s and consider CDM1NTs, but my feeling is that it will probably be the 602S3s, which will be $150 to upgrade to.

A couple of last questions. I'll be using my current Atacama Nexus 6 stands (24" high). Will the 602S3s be too tall for them? Second question - regarding the difference between the 601S3 and 602S3, if my room size measures 12' x 14', do you think it would be wasteful to use get the 602S3s, and possibly be too boomy? If it will be too boomy, then the 601S3 would perhaps be more compatible.

Thanks for all your help.