Best speakers for a Pass XA 30.5

Dear all,

I'm going to purchase a Pass XA 30.5 and I would appreciate very much  your advice and suggestions about the above mentioned matter, I would like to put my XA 30.5 in the best possible conditions to sing at its best.

So medium high sensitivity 92 - 94 db, and 8 ohm regular and easy impedance are required.

My listening room is abt 23 x 15 ft, wooden floor, no carpets, no curtains but a lot of furniture.

I listen to rock, jazz and electronica to low-medium/medium levels.

I currently own a pair of Totem Mani 2 but I would like to find speakers easier to drive for the Pass.

Both stand mounts with good bass and floor standing are fine, and up to 5000 $ used.

I look for deep soundstage, high resolution, musicality and smoothness.

Please consider that I'm in Italy so I cannot listen and find some of your brands so easily ...

Thank you very much

Yeah.... Tekton is BBB A+ rated, but their reviews there and elsewhere are less than glowing. Roll the dice. 

I’ll count myself in the "weird question" crowd. It deserves to be pointed out I didn’t build my F5 and buy speakers for it. I bought the speakers then built and voiced the F5 to work it’s best with them.

Pass xa30.5 runs 30 watts class a & 120-130 watts ab
plenty of power for 87 db efficiency speakers

I have Revel Ultima2 Studios running & sound great & will run 90 db loud, nicely
I have run Thiels at 87 db efficiency , too

most of the time the class a meter never moves (30 watts) and never goes out of class a

lovely amp

I think any moderately efficient speakers above 87 will work

Check out symphonic lie RG 5 speakers.   Made in Europe and a step up from any mentioned above  imo 
Thank you frozentundra, I was just asking about some particularly magic pairing...

Thank you batman, they are a bit too expensive but they deserve an in depth analysis...

I'm using mine with Revel Studio 2's and Salon 2's.  The XA30.5 drives them well ,  the Studio2 are a few dB more sensitive.  Right now I'm driving the Salon 2's but using a pair of subs and high pass filtering at 80hz.  I can listen as loud as I'd want to with this amp and speaker combo.