Best speakers for a Linn Majik

Please advise what you have had good experience with.

Linn's own awesome speakers and their own speaker cable will give you the best performance and balance. They use the same cabling within their speakers too.
sonus faber speakers work very well with linn.
linn amps likes efficent speakesr that are not hyper detajled and on the warm forgiven side of things if you whant a balanced sound that is.
Dont by linn speakers if you dont intend to drive them aktivly because in my experince the sound broken otherwise
Regarding speaker cabels i agree with Mjcmt that linn amps woks best with linn cabels the k400 was best in my system in contest with cabels that cost thousinds more, more bass more slam and more neutral.
I use the majik as only preamp within a Roven Absolute two Amplifier, paired with a biwired solution for Linn Kaber LS 500.
I tested the majik also as amp. But the power for the Kaber is not enought for deep basses and long basses.
The Roven Absolute 2 does solve this problem perfectly.

I can recommend this solution very well.
This is a nice easy question to answer...Linn Espek`s, why? I have had a Linn Majik amp with Espek`s and the partnering was sensational, wished I still had them to be honest! Be sure to use high quality "ofc copper inters and speaker cable" NOT silver or silver plated, trust me!
Why not the newer Linn Majik speakers? Or is that too obvious? The Majik 140 and Majik Isobarik floor-standing speakers have both received excellent reviews, and Stereophile gushed over the Majik 109 monitors.