Best speakers for $300/pr

I have a friend who has owned KLH 6’s for lo these many years.
He wants to upgrade.  He’s getting a new Marantz receiver and doesn’t want to spend more than about $300 for his speakers.  Can he get anything decent at that price level?
I'd make a bid on these Silverline Minuets that are far more than decent...

Or if he prefers to buy new, these Aperions are very decent and a good value as they're on sale and sold direct...

Maybe have @grannyring make him some Dueland speaker cables and interconnects if he needs decent wires too. 

Best of luck. 
The Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 is <$350 shipped and is pretty much unmatched for the price.
I recently purchased LSA .5 monitors for $400 (new) and could not be happier. They easily bettered my Maggie MG12s in terms of tone and inner detail.
Hands down Paradigm Monitor SE Atoms.  Go audition them and I dare you to disagree.