Best Speakers for 2channel Music

What are some good companys to look into for 2 channel music only? Looking for a live sound and a full sounstage. Not too bright. Smooth and punchy mids and lows.

Budget is $800. Will go used.
Go through the Monitor and Full Range speakers that are for sale and start a list that fall into your price range and than start researching.

While others on this site may have good recommendations, their equipment, room size, and hearing are going to be different than yours.

What equipment do you have already ?
Vandersteen Audio Model 1C full range floorstanding speakers, the speakers under $1000 price range.
You can find in Audiogon used for $600,

Happy listening
Riley804 is exactly correct. Great advice. So much depends on room size and room content. But assuming the room is moderate in size, you have many many choices. If you're wanting to purchase only brand new speakers, recommendations include NHT, PSB, B&W, KEF, ProAc, Energy, Epos, etc. To find a decent full range 2-1/2 or 3 way speaker brand new for $800.00 might be a stretch. Perhaps a very good standmount with decent bass ext is the way to go. It all depends on if you want to buy new or preowned. All the best in your search.
I am a big fan of Vandersteen so take my advice with that in mind, but they make some great sounding speakers in the range you wish to spend new or used. The Vandersteen line is known for a smoth, not bright sound.
Take a look at the PSB Stratus Silver i's in the classfieds.
Magnepan MG12's or stretch the budget for MG1.6's.
Currently I have a harman kardon hk3480 reciever and a 12 inch sub. Not too much high tech or expensive stuff.
Magnepans require too much power for you Harmon Kardon, and the placement of them requires alot of room from back wall. They are great speakers but too many suggest them before they really know if they are ideal.
Using a receiver may require you to look at easy to drive speakers . Receivers generally do not have much power . Their stated wattage listings are dubious at best .
Try to find something in the 90db. range .
I had some nice 88db. speakers on a receiver . When I moved to seperates , it was as if I had taken a blanket off of my speakers !

Good luck .
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Ascend Acoustics speakers are said to go well with HK electronics, AA used to sell HK on their website, maybe still do. Look into their CBM-170's. Very nice and well below your budget. Good luck.
PSB - For $800 or so - I am not affliated with DMC electronics, but if you go to their site you can get new speakers at great prices - supposedly have minor blemish - I bought from them and am still looking for the blemish - very good speakers for the money
You might take a look at era Design 4 or 5. I am using a pair of Design 4s with a REL sub for 2 channel music and quite happy with the results.
I briefly drove my era Design 4s with an HK 3480 while waiting for my A5 integrated to arrive. The HK did an admirable job with these relatively inefficient speakers.